Transient landing fee begins at Cobb County International Airport January of 2022

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The Cobb County International Airport announced in its newsletter that it will begin assessing a transient landing fee for aircraft not based at the airport.

Here is the announcement, reprinted from the newsletter:

Transient Landing Fee Program

The Airport is implementing a Transient Aircraft Landing Fee Program on January 1, 2022.
Based aircraft are exempt from the fee, since based aircraft operators already regularly support the airport’s operating expenses through rent and fuel purchases.
Landing Fees will be billed to some transient aircraft in relation to their impact on the facility. Transient aircraft up to 6,000 lbs are exempt from the fee during daytime operations (0600-2059) and billed $10 per landing during the overnight hours. Larger transient aircraft will be billed $2 per 1,000 lbs during all hours.
If you believe that your aircraft tail number may not be known to your hosting FBO/SASO on the airport, then please make yourself known to them so they can report your tail number to the Airport as based so that you are not inadvertently charged. All FBOs/SASOs have been requested to update their based aircraft lists to the Airport monthly.
Vector Airport Systems will be the authorized operator, biller and collector of landing fees for the County.


Aircraft’s Maximum Certificated Takeoff Weight and Operating TimesFee/Landing
Aircraft Up to 6,000 lbs. (0600 -2059 hrs.)Exempt
Aircraft Up to 6,000 lbs. (2100 -0559 hrs.)$10.00
Aircraft Greater than 6,000 lbs. (24 hrs.)$2.00 per 1,000 lbs.
Military, Federal Government, and State Government AircraftExempt

About Cobb County International Airport

The Cobb County International Airport Master Plan gives the following description of the airport:

Cobb County International Airport – McCollum Field (RYY) is a 323-acre public-use facility located one mile southeast of Kennesaw, Georgia, approximately 25 miles northwest of the city of Atlanta. The Airport is owned and operated by the Cobb County Department of Transportation (CCDOT) in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, with oversight by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) on federally funded, state-funded, and locally funded projects as a designated State Block Grant Program (SBGP) participant.

The Cobb County International Airport, which is also known as McCollum field, began through the efforts of Commissioner Herbert McCollum, who took office in 1957.

At that time Cobb County only had one commissioner. McCollum was the last commissioner under that system before the commission was expanded.

When discussions about the airport began, Cobb County was the only county among the fifteen largest in the state to lack a municipal airport.

McCollum lobbied Senator Herman Talmadge and 7th District Representative Erwin Mitchell, who managed to secure federal matching funding for the airport.

McCollum Field opened in the summer of 1960.

(The history of the airport, related above, was summarized from the section on the airport’s beginnings in Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South, by Thomas Scott).