Noted epidemiologist Marjorie Taylor Greene issues long Twitter thread revealing her findings UPDATED

sock puppet with tin foil hatSock puppet with tin foil hat

UPDATED: According to a report from The Hill, Marjorie Taylor Greene was suspended for the tweet stream I featured below, so you might not be able to go down that particular rabbit hole.

Joining the ranks of luminaries such as Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump, noted epidemiologist Marjorie Taylor Green revealed her findings via Twitter.

Among other astonishing breakthroughs in infectious disease control, she discovered that “Well people are required to covid test to be allowed to work or in hopes they test positive in order to get out of work,” that “Unvaccinated healthy people are a subclass being fired and denied services, even though they have natural immunity & aren’t sick,” and that “Doctors are refusing to treat sick or injured people if they aren’t Covid vaxxed violating their Hippocratic Oath.”

Until she released these shocking innovations it was assumed that people don’t want to test positive for a potentially deadly disease, that there isn’t really a natural immunity for COVID, and that doctors are continuing to treat people, unvaccinated or not. In fact, Wellstar Health System’s latest figures seem to indicate that most people being treated for COVID in their hospitals are unvaccinated.


There are many more remarkable conclusions in this 19-tweet thread. Your entry point into this rabbit-hole is the Tweet embedded below. Just click “Read the full conversation on Twitter” to plunge into Wonderland.