Where to go for information about the Cobb cityhood votes

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[Editors note: Aside from our early coverage of the Mableton cityhood movement, the Courier has been late to the game in covering the cityhood proposals that have swept the county. That was a deliberate decision. Our resources were better spent on things more off-the-beaten path. But since the rapid push by the Georgia legislature to get the referenda on the May ballot, we can’t avoid covering this subject, which has the potential of changing the face of the county for the rest of our natural lives. — Larry Felton Johnson, Editor and Publisher]

After a series of rushed-through votes in the Georgia legislature, the proposed city of East Cobb has been put on the May 24 ballot, and Cobb Elections Director Janine Eveler told the Courier in an email that the county is working under the assumption that the cityhood referenda for Lost Mountain and Vinings will also be on the ballot. The county has not yet received the official GIS map for the proposed city of Mableton.

So where can you get information on this rapidly looming decision?

The County has set up an extensive resource page that includes links to information about each of the proposed cities, including maps of the city limits, the feasibility studies conducted as a requirement for state legislation authorizing the referenda, and the legislation itself.

Wendy Parker, the publisher of East Cobb News, has been doing excellent coverage of the East Cobb cityhood movement from the beginning.

To read what the advocates for East Cobb cityhood are saying follow this link.

To hear from the opponents of East Cobb cityhood follow this link.

To read what the advocates for the City of Lost Mountain are saying follow this link to the Lost Mountain cityhood web page.

The Mableton cityhood supporters have a website at this link.

The Vinings cityhood advocates have a website at this link.