Lacey Act amendments could cause thousands of atypical pets to be euthanized

US Capitol

Tullan Avard, a resident of the Bells Ferry Road area who is active in parrot rescue efforts, submitted the following guest opinion urging residents to call their representatives to oppose the Lacey Act amendments to the America COMPETES Act:

This Monday, March 28 our federal government will be voting on proposed legislation that would negatively impact millions of pet/animal owners.  

Included within the America COMPETES Act of 2022 (HR4521) lie Lacey Act amendments that affect all pet/animal owners, pet stores, zoos, etc except for those owning dogs, cats, and traditional farm animals. This last-minute amendment was slipped in to avoid attention and push-back from the millions of Americans who will be negatively affected, and to bypass congressional hearings.

This proposed Federal law will make it a crime to take your pet (bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, rabbit, mammal, etc) across state lines for any reason including moving, vacationing, rehoming or for medical care!

The majority of atypical animal rescues are small and poorly funded and do not have the capability to take in the thousands of animals nationwide that will be surrendered due to the law, causing many of these animals to have to be euthanized.

Please email or call your senators to ask them to remove the Lacey Act amendments found in the America COMPETES Act.

The lack of forethought involved makes these amendments rife with unintended consequences and government overreach. Senator Ossoff: 202.224.3521 and Senator Warnock: 202.224.3643.  

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