Cobb County Association of Educators releases its endorsement list for the 2022 primary elections

The mouth of a ballot box with the text "Insert Ballot Here"Ballot Box (Photo: Cobb County Courier/Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb County Association of Educators distributed the following press release with their endorsements for the 2022 primary elections:

Members of the Cobb County Association of Educators (CCAE) have endorsed the candidacies of the following individuals listed below in the May 24 Primary election.

CCAE is the only major education employee representative in Cobb County with an active political action committee. C CAE members work hard through voluntary contributions and support for candidates to ensure friends of public education are elected to public office.

CCAE President Connie Jackson said, “Our endorsement is based on CCAE’s commitment to continue improving Cobb County and Georgia’s public schools. The endorsement process includes a questionnaire and interview with the CCAE-PAC committee to ensure that candidates work to attract and retain a quality teacher in every classroom; enhance educational programs for greater student achievement; ensure schools and buses are safe; prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow; and ensure that schools have the funding required by law so that students can continue to succeed in public schools.”


“Since every decision concerning the operation of our schools is made by elected officials, it is imperative that education employees support candidates who will make children and public education a high priority, according to CCAE-PAC Chair Jeff Hubbard. He added, “The individuals endorsed by CCAE will work incredibly hard to make sure that every child has an equal opportunity for a high-quality education in Cobb’s public schools. Educators have a history of very high turnout for elections, and our children are depending on our active political involvement. Teachers are always advocates for their students, in the classroom and on Election Day.”

Cobb County Association of Educators – May 24 Primary Endorsements

Cobb Board of Education – District 2 Becky Sayler (D)

Democratic Primary for Senate District 6 Luisa Wakeman (D)

Republican Primary for Senate District 6 Angelic Moore (R)

Senate District 33 Michael “Doc” Rhett (D)

Senate District 37 Ed Setzler (R)

Senate District 38 Melody Bray (D)

House District 35 Lisa Campbell (D)

House District 38 David Wilkerson (D)

House District 40 Doug Stoner (D)