A report and photos from the Pop-up legal advice clinic in Mableton

A group of people pose for a photo at the Pop-up Legal Clinic

Barry Krebs is well known in Mableton and other parts of south Cobb for the wide variety of volunteer work he does with Keep Cobb Beautiful, the South Cobb Lions ClubSweetwater Mission, and First Christian Church of Mableton.

Barry often sends reports, photos and announcements to the Courier, highlighting cleanups, volunteer activities, and community resources in south Cobb.

We’re going to periodically group his reports and publish them along with the great photos he always sends. Here’s the first of those collections. All photos were provided by him.

The latest commentary and batch of photos he sent are from the Pop-up Legal Clinic, coordinated by Cobb Chief Magistrate Judge Brendan Murphy and Cobb Legal Aid held at First Christian Church of Mableton last Saturday.

Krebs wrote:

We had a very successful Pop Up Legal Clinic yesterday at the First Christian Church Of Mableton.  Going into it, we did not know what to expect.  As it turns out, there was a huge demand for free legal advice.  Below is a potential article for your publication.  Thanks, Barry

The South Cobb Pop-Up Legal Clinic hosted by the First Christian Church Of Mableton and Cobb Collaborative had a huge turnout. Chief Magistrate Judge Brendan Murphy and his team came prepared with the expertise needed to serve all of the people who needed legal advice.

Twenty-one lawyers who specialize in different areas including probate, family law, civil law, immigration law and others volunteered their time as well.

Everyone who showed up was served. We also appreciate other civic organizations such as the Mableton Improvement Coalition, Cobb Community Foundation, HOPE Family Resources, Cobb County Legal Aid, Cobb County Tax Assessors, We Thrive In Riverside and South Cobb Lions Club were also present.

Photos from the Popup Legal Clinic (provided by Barry Krebs)

The Cobb Tax Commissioner table
The check-in table
Pastor Barry Smith of First Christian Church
State Representative Terry Cummings, Austell Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Valerie Anderson, and MIC President Ray Thomas
Barry Krebs
Volunteers for the clinic, including Chief Magistrate Judge Brendan Murphy (5th from left)