Cobb BOC zoning hearing approves rezoning on Spring Hill Road to accommodate 4 homes on small lot

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by Caleb Groves

On Tuesday the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved the rezoning of a property to allow the construction of four detached or attached single-family units.

Benchmark International, Inc. requested rezoning for a 0.9 acre plot with four residential households from single family residential properties (R-20) in a low density area to a accommodate more affordable housing with attached single-family homes (RA-5). The land plot is located on the west side of Spring Hill Road and on the south side of Simpson Road in District 2.

The attorney representing Benchmark, Kevin Moore, mentioned surrounding houses that have been rezoned in past years and stated that the rezoning would align with past development in the area.

“This particular area has undergone continued transformation from what was R-20 properties have been redeveloped and either RA-6 or RA-5 over a period of time,” Moore said.

Moore said that Benchmark has received support and the surrounding community have been satisfied by the development in this area.

Commissioner Keli Gambrill was concerned that the driveways had inadequate space for the number of cars allotted for RA-5 zoning.

The Cobb County Department of Transportation had concerns that the rezoning would narrow the right of way for cars and not align with current code standards for RA-5 zoning. However, due to the light traffic on Simpson Road and Spring Hill Road the DOT was accepting of the rezoning.

“I have a problem with the land use being LDR (Low Density Residential) and four and a half units per acre, and the variances,” Birrell said.

The BOC approved the rezoning 3-2, with Gambrill and Birrell in opposition.

Afterwards, the owner of a small business on Hill Road in District 4 requested a temporary land use permit for his conversion bus to RV business, which he was operating.

After complaints and code violations regarding ten buses parked in the back and front yard of his property, and the poor condition of the property, Code Enforcement issued him a citation in July of 2023.

The BOC denied the application 5-0 after the applicant left the building during a break.

Caleb Groves is a Journalism student at Kennesaw State University, where he is a junior.

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