Two men sentenced to life after murder of father during 48-hour robbery spree in Cobb County

photo of Cobb Superior Court building from the front with a blue sky with clouds in the background

Stiff sentences were handed down to two of the men involved in a violent 48-hour robbery and murder spree in Cobb County.

Elijah Bailey, 20, and Miguel Romo, 21, were two of the four armed robbers whose spree over a two-day period resulted in the home invasion and murder of Daquan Murphy, 22, in front of his 18-month-old daughter and 23-year-old wife on January 14, 2020.

The two were found guilty of murder, home invasion, attempted armed robbery, armed robbery, three counts of aggravated assault, hijacking a motor vehicle, and two counts of possession of firearm charges.

Following the trial and conviction, Bailey was sentenced to life plus 130 years to serve in confinement and Romo to life plus 90 years to serve in confinement.

Cobb Superior Court Judge Julie Adams Jacob presided over the trial and sentenced the defendants.

A public information release from the office of Cobb District Attorney Flynn Broady, Jr. described the events leading to the arrest and conviction of the two defendants as follows:

Just before midnight on Jan 11, 2020, Elijah Bailey, Damion Shropshire, and Samuel Mallard drove to the back of Hurt Road Park on a quest to find strangers to rob at gunpoint. Upon seeing a young couple in a vehicle, Bailey, Shropshire, and Mallard jumped out of their car with masks and guns, pulled the two out of the vehicle, pressed guns to their heads, and demanded all of their property. Among the stolen items included a Colt M1911. 

Exactly 48 hours later, Bailey, Shropshire, Mallard, and Romo went back to Hurt Road Park looking for more guns and money, this time finding a new father outside his car watching the National Championship game on his phone. The men approached him under the guise of wanting a cigarette but quickly drew their weapons and demanded his property. As the man begged for his life pleading that he had a baby, Bailey and Romo got into his vehicle and fled while Mallard took his cell phone. The man was left in the dark parking lot with nothing but the clothes on his back. He ran home in fear that the men, who now had his wallet and address, would harm his family. 

Still unsatisfied, the men went to the Alta Mill apartment complex where they attempted to rob Daquan Murphy, 22, at gunpoint at his door. When Murphy realized what was going on, he tried to slam his door to protect his girlfriend, 23, and his 18-month-old daughter, both of whom were asleep in the back bedroom, but Shropshire fired a single shot through the door, penetrating Murphy’s back and perforating his major organs. Murphy’s girlfriend and baby woke up to the gunshot and were shocked to find five masked men inside the residence demanding property. Guns were pointed at Murphy’s girlfriend and young daughter, who were screaming and crying in fear for their lives. Not finding anything of value, the men fled leaving Murphy to bleed out inside his home. 

Investigators immediately identified Bailey, who was arrested the next day, January 15.

The next day, Shropshire, who was on an ankle monitor for armed robbery at the time, and Mallard were identified.

Mallard pulled a gun on officers who arrived to arrest him, and he was shot and killed.

Shropshire was arrested without incident.

Romo was arrested on Jan 24, 2020, and found to be in possession of four guns, including the stolen Colt M1911 and the murder weapon.

“Only a monster can point a gun at an 18-month-old baby,” Cobb Superior Court Judge Julie Adams Jacobs said during sentencing.

“Cobb County will not tolerate ruthless gun violence. What these young men treated as a game forever changed the lives of five citizens and ended the life of a young father. These sentences ensure that no other member of our community will be terrorized by these men.” said District Attorney Flynn D. Broady, J

Senior Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Green and Assistant District Attorney Clay Thompson prosecuted the case.

Marietta attorneys Lee Fudger and Michael Edmunds represented the defendants.