From the Editor

I haven’t updated the content on River Edges in a few days.  The reason is that I’m studying WordPress to improve the layout and design of the site.  I’m also facing, at this point, the limitations of a one-person news site, and need to spend time lining up a few freelance writers, and an a local ad salesperson.

The question of whether to prioritize the freelance writers or the ad salesperson is a bit of a Catch-22.  Without regularly updated content, there won’t be an increase in visitors to the site, and without that increase in traffic, it will be hard to sell ads.  On the other hand, without the sale of local ads, it will be difficult to keep paying the writers in the long run.

My plan is to start with the writers.  If an ad salesperson can’t make enough sales to make it worthwhile visiting local businesses, that person won’t have an incentive to do the legwork necessary to building relationships with those businesses.  Everything depends on having regularly updated content and increasing traffic to demonstrate to the businesses that River Edges is worth their ad dollars.

There is no shortage of news to cover in our area.  Once the administrative aspects of the site begin to take shape, River Edges will have daily updates of the content as articles begin to move through the pipeline.