3 Crimes that continue to be a problem in precinct 2 in south Cobb

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According to the May PENS bulletin from Lieutenant B.T. Trulove,  the new Criminal Investigations Unit commander for Precinct 2, there are three crimes that continue to be a problem for Cobb residents in the precinct that covers Austell, Mableton, and Powder Springs:

1. Car Thefts

Lieutenant Trulove writes that car thefts are on the rise at gas stations because people leave their keys in their car, or even leave the car running when they enter the gas station.

The preventative for this is simple.  Turn off your vehicle and take the keys with you.

2. Entering Autos

This crime is a common occurrence, and in particular, has been rising when the victims are pumping gas.  Women are often the victims of this crime.  The criminal waits until the victim is distracted and steals her purse or other unattended valuable from the car seat.

The preventative to this crime is to avoid leaving valuables in plain sight in a car.  If you know you’ll be leaving the car to pump gas, put any valuables in the trunk.  Also, lock your car while you are pumping gas.  This crime is a fast-moving snatch-and-grab.  If the car is locked and there are no valuables present it doesn’t present the criminal with an opportunity.

3. Burglaries

Lieutenant Trulove writes that burglaries usually occur during the day, and the criminal often knocks on the door to see if anyone’s home.  Always answer, through the locked door, as a burglar is likely to try to break in if they don’t get an answer.  Trulove also advises that you call 911 whenever anyone suspicious knocks:  “If someone suspicious knocks on your door call 911 and report it. We would rather come out and identify a law abiding citizen, than to not come out and have someone’s residence be burglarized. ”

This article was prepared from information from the May PENS Bulletin.  To sign up for the Police Email Notification System visit Cobb County Police PENS and click on subscribe.