Marietta Lockheed plant receives industrial security award

MC-130J on the tarmac at Lockheed in Marietta -- public domain photo by Master Sgt. Scott MacKay

The Lockheed plant in Marietta received a 2017 James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award.  Thirty-six facilities received the award this year, out of a pool of approximately 13,000 eligible industrial sites.  Four of the 36 honorees were Lockheed facilities.  Industry contractors who are cleared to protect U.S. Department of Defense information are in the running for the award.

The Cogswell Award is given by the Defense Security Service, an agency of the Department of Defense.  According to the DSS, “The award criterion focuses on principles of industrial security excellence. Factors include establishing and maintaining a security program that far exceeds the basic National Industrial Security Program requirements; and providing leadership to other cleared facilities in establishing best practices while maintaining the highest standards for security.”

Bob Trono, Lockheed Martin’s vice president and chief security officer said in a press release, “We’re honored to have been recognized for the work our security professionals do in establishing and maintaining a program that goes beyond requirements.  Safeguarding our people, property, information and systems is critical for our nation’s warfighters who protect us on the battlefield.”

The  Cogswell awards were established in 1966 and named for the late Air Force Col. James S. Cogswell, who served as the first chief of industrial security for the Department of Defense.

This article was prepared with information from a Lockheed Martin press release and the Defense Security Service website.