Kincaid Elementary to close for 14 days due to coronavirus case

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The Cobb County School District issued the following public information release this afternoon regarding a 14-day closure of Kincaid Elementary School due to a coronavirus case:

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) informed us today of a positive case of Coronavirus at Kincaid Elementary School. At the direction of the DPH, and due to federal privacy laws, we are unable to share specifics about the case. 

We have prioritized the health of Kincaid students and staff by deciding to close Kincaid Elementary for the next 14 days beginning on March 12th. Within 48 hours of school closure, and following DPH guidelines, Cobb staff will thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire campus, including buses. No other Cobb schools are closed at this time.  

The District has planned for this scenario, and the students at Kincaid will continue receiving digital classroom content from their teachers using a variety of digital platforms and tools.   

Our staff is working to keep our facilities clean, and our schools are reminding students about best practices for staying healthy including practicing good hygiene.  Navigating these next days and weeks will take a team effort, but we believe that our community is well-prepared.  

We will continue to follow the guidance of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the DPH on these matters. Moving forward, please know that we will be prioritizing student and staff safety in every decision that we make.  

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