Citing COVID-19 impact Zagster cancels bikeshare programs at Town Center and Cumberland CIDs

bicycle and Zagster logoImage courtesy of the Town Center Community Improvement District

According to a joint press release from the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CCID) and the Town Center Community Improvement District (TCCID), Zagster, which had been providing a bikeshare service to both those CIDs, has cancelled the programs, citing financial problems due to COVID-19.

The press release, from Kim Menefee of the CCID and Tracy Rathbone Styf of the TCCID, stated:

On Wednesday, the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID) and the Town Center CID received notice Zagster will no longer be providing services to their markets. Based in Boston, Zagster managed and operated both of the CIDs’ bike-share programs.

According to an email from Zagster, the closure is due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on business. Zagster will remove all bikes and stations from both areas between May 28 and June 12. Zagster stated they plan to communicate more information to members via their app and social media platforms this week. There are currently six stations in Cumberland and six stations in Town Center.

“We were surprised by this news and are exploring the implications of this decision for our bike-share users,” said Tracy Rathbone Styf, Executive Director of the Town Center CID. “At this time, Zagster has not responded to our requests for more information, but we know that this pandemic has hit many businesses hard. We plan to share additional information as it is becomes available.”

While Zagster’s decision is beyond the control of the CIDs, both organizations are committed to providing valuable mobility options for their communities. Thousands of members have recorded hundreds of rides every week in each CID bike-share program.

“Bike-share programs have been extremely successful in the Cumberland and Town Center communities,” said Kim Menefee, Executive Director of the Cumberland CID. “Our shared goal will always be to improve our communities as we continue to strengthen our partnerships and regional connectivity.”

The press release describes the roles of the two CIDs as follows:

About Cumberland CID

The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID), Georgia’s first CID, is a public-private assessment district in northwest Atlanta. It is an organization through which local commercial property owners can advance necessary public infrastructure projects that enhance property values as well as the greater community. Originally formed in 1988 by business leaders interested in improving highway access for the emerging Cumberland submarket, the CID went a step further and created a master road plan for the area. The Cumberland CID now represents 190 commercial property owners (residential excluded) and facilitates additional road and transit infrastructure improvements, streetscapes and beautification projects, bicycle and walking trails, alternate commute programs and services as well as community planning.

About Town Center CID

Founded in 1997, the Town CID is dedicated to the betterment of the Town Center area through transportation infrastructure, safety improvements, beautification and other projects that enhance property value by increasing interest and investment in the community. The Town Center CID utilizes funds from voluntary commercial real estate taxes to implement its projects. For more information, please visit