Cobb Police release statement regarding the shooting death of Vincent Demario Truitt by police

Logo on former Cobb Police Department Headquarterslogo at the old Cobb Police Department Headquarters (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb County Police Department issued a statement this afternoon regarding the shooting death of Vincent Demario Truitt by a Cobb police officer.

Family members of Truitt have called for the arrest of the officer, and at the October 27 meeting of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners a number of them spoke during the public comment section.

Andre Truitt, his father, said at that meeting, “I am the proud father of Vincent Demario Truitt. I want to ask, I want to ask you all today: in what world does a 17 year old minor get shot multiple times in his back for running away?”

“I would like everyone in this room with kids to ask themselves what if this was my child? It has been over 100 days since my son was murdered. Me nor his mother has seen any body footage camera,” he said. “Number one, I want the officer to be charged in this matter. Number two, I want Cobb County to be accountable and show transparency. Number three, we will not stop until there is justice for Vincent Demario Truitt. Thank you all.”

The Cobb County Police Department statement

The following is the statement from Cobb police:

Cobb County Police Statement Regarding July 13, 2020 Officer Involved Shooting

November 10, 2020

The Cobb County Police Department recognizes that the loss of any and all life is tragic. We also understand that this is a painful time for the family involved as well as the officer.

We respectfully disagree with some of the characterizations of the events that happened on the night of July 13, 2020.  We believe the evidence will show that Cobb County Police Officers attempted to apprehend several individuals in a stolen vehicle on Riverside Parkway. After a vehicle pursuit, officers were able to force the vehicle to stop behind a business on Riverside Parkway. The driver exited the car, ran from officers, and was apprehended. The rear seat passenger remained in the car and was detained on the scene. The front seat passenger, Vincent Demario Truitt, exited from the driver’s side after the driver exited. Mr. Truitt was armed with a handgun (in his hand) as he exited the vehicle. An officer running toward him observed the weapon and responded by drawing his issued weapon and firing two shots, striking Mr. Truitt both times.

As with all officer-involved shootings within our department, this investigation was turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on the night of the incident. The scene was secured by our officers and detectives, and the GBI immediately responded and began to work on their independent investigation. The Cobb County Police Department turned over all investigative information and made available all personnel involved in the incident. The GBI has recently completed its investigation and turned over its findings to the Cobb County District Attorney.

We rely on the independent investigation by an outside law enforcement agency to get the facts thoroughly documented and presented to the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office. The process of handing over the investigation of our officer-involved shootings to an outside, independent agency is born of the public’s desire for transparent, unbiased, and objective investigations of any use of deadly force by our officers. We maintain our commitment to the public we serve, and we rely on the thorough and competent investigations of the GBI to fully investigate our officer-involved shootings.

We understand this investigation has taken a considerable amount of time. However, we believe it is necessary for the investigative process to move forward and to allow the District Attorney’s office and ultimately a Grand Jury to render a decision in this matter. We will not rush ahead of the process as it is appropriate that all facts and details in this case be examined.

Video of Vincent Truitt’s family at October 27 BOC meeting