Cobb school-aged COVID cases continue to climb

an image of a coronavirusImage courtesy of the CDC (public domain)

The Cobb County case rate of COVID per 100,000 population among residents in the K-12 age group remains in the high category and has continued to climb for the past two weeks.

The case rate among pre-school residents dropped, however, and continues to be in the moderately high category.

The case rate per 100,000 of the population in the 5-17-year-old age group is 215 this week, compared with a rate of 184 in last week’s report.

Among college-aged students in the 18-22 age range, the case rate climbed from 174 per 100,000 to match the 5-17 case rate of 215 per 100,000.


The School Aged COVID-19 Surveillance Report is issued every Friday by the Georgia Department of Public Health and breaks down the age groups into preschool (0-4 years of age), public school-aged (5-17 years of age) and college-aged (17-22 years of age).

The full report includes the case rates broken down by county, and a collection of statewide statistics (case rate, number of cases, positive tests, hospitalizations, deaths).

Statewide the case rate is increasing in all three categories.

About the GDPH School Aged COVID-19 Data Report

The documentation for the School Aged COVID-19 Data Report describes the use of the data as follows:

The data in this report can be used to assess the extent of COVID-19 transmission among preschool/daycare aged children (0-4 years), K-12 school aged children (5-17 years), and college/professional school aged adults (18-22 years) in Georgia. Click on the above tabs to see statewide and county level COVID-19 data. This report is updated weekly. Please consult additional resources to understand trends and other factors affecting your county.

For a complete list of the reports with links, follow this link.