More funds might become available for rental assistance in Cobb County

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Cobb County reported in a news release that more funds might become available to renters under duress. The county has applied for additional funding under the federal government’s Emergency Rental Assistance program.

For more details, we’ve reprinted the news release below:

More rental and utility assistance could soon be available to Cobb County residents impacted by the ongoing pandemic.  The county will soon apply to the US Treasury for its second tranche of Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA2) funds, and the Board of Commissioners passed a resolution Tuesday night seeking acceptance of an additional $40 million in ERA1 funds from the state Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

Cobb became eligible for the next round of ERA2 funding by allocating at least 75% of the allocation initially sent to the county.  The county has far surpassed that mark, distributing nearly 100% of the funds with the final applications now being processed.  Between the initial CARES Act, the original ERA allocation, and subsequent ERA2 funding, Cobb has sent nearly $39 million to residents in need, impacting the lives of thousands.*

Cobb County Government has partnered with area nonprofits to process applications and distribute the funds.  Cobb County’s Magistrate Court, where eviction cases are processed, integrated nonprofits into courtroom operations to help those unaware of the programs get access to the funds.  Chief Magistrate Brendan Murphy has been lauded by state and federal organizations for the innovative program.

“With the latest surge in COVID cases, we know the need is still very much there,” said Cobb Commission  Chairwoman Lisa Cupid.  “Anything we can do to help keep people in their homes will help give those residents a sense of security and help slow down the spread of the omicron variant in our community.”


Cobb officials stress we do not yet know when the Treasury will make the ERA2 funds (expected to be around $13.8 million) available or when we’ll be able to distribute those funds. The resolution seeking the additional $40 million in ERA1 funds from the state must be approved by the Governor and DCA officials.

The latest information will be made available on the county’s social media sites and at  In the meantime, our nonprofit partners and the Magistrate Court are sending applicants to the state system where money remains available.  Please visit for details on how to apply through the state.

*Cobb County’s rental assistance allocation

CARES   $9.27M

ERA1  $22.88

ERA2  $9.25M (Includes ERA2 High Need Allocation)

Total  $41.40

Spent as of December 31,  2021

CARES   $9.27M

ERA1  $22.84

ERA2  $6.73M (Includes ERA2 High Need Allocation)

Total  $38.84

Residents who desire more information about rental assistance should visit