COVID in Cobb County from the report issued Wednesday, January 4, 2023

image of coronavirus with "coronas" or crowns extending outward from a sphere

The Georgia Department of Public Health reports on the COVID numbers for the state weekly. These numbers are from the report issued on Wednesday, January 4, 2022.

The numbers in the lists and tables below were taken from the Georgia Department of Public Health COVID Daily Status Report, and from the Georgia Hospital Bed and Ventilator use report.

Cobb County numbers

The Georgia Department of Public Health displays its COVID statistics based on 14-day blocks.

New cases in Cobb over the past 14 days: 1,307


14-day case rate per 100,000 of population: 165

Number of Cases in Cobb since the pandemic began: 167,632

Cases per 100,000 of population since the pandemic began: 21,203

Statewide numbers

Reported since last update:

Confirmed CasesAntigen Positive CasesConfirmed DeathsHospitalizations

Reported Today

Hospital bed and ventilator report

Region N which includes Cherokee, Cobb, Douglas and Paulding counties, has:

1,394 general inpatient beds in use out of 1,596 total beds, or 87.34%

153 ICU beds in use out of a total of 166 total ICU beds, or 92.17%.

363 ED beds in use out of 375 total beds, or 96.80%

107 ventilators in use out of 179 total ventilators, or 59.78%

15.2% of patients in Region N are classified as COVID-19 patients.

For more information on COVID in Cobb County and statewide

The Georgia Department of Public Health publishes a weekly status report on the pandemic. It’s a comprehensive report with extensive data and charts arranged statewide and by county, that also includes age breakdowns, racial demographics, and data on vaccination and testing.

It isn’t the easiest system to navigate, but it’s worth spending time learning how to use if you’re interested in getting the latest statewide and local data on the state of COVID-19.

Visit the Georgia Department of Public Health COVID Status Report by following this link

To get an overview of how much the pandemic is stressing the hospital systems in terms of ER visits, hospital bed capacity, and ventilator use, there is a Hospital Bed and Ventilator Use report with interactive maps. The map is organized by hospital region, and Cobb County is part of Region N.

Visit the Georgia Hospital Beds and Ventilator Report by following this link

To get data on what percentage of patients in Georgia hospitals were admitted for COVID-19 versus all other causes, there is a Georgia Medical Facility Patient Census. It also reports numbers by statewide and hospital region.

Visit the Georgia Medical Facility Patient Census by following this link