Overpopulation crisis at the Cobb County Animal Shelter: if you plan on adopting, now is the time!

A black/white cat inside a cage, looking happyPhoto from Cobb County Animal Services Shelter website (public domain)

Any regular reader of the Cobb County Courier knows that this local news site is heavily supportive of the philosophy “Adopt Don’t Shop.” I’m the editor and publisher of the Courier, and I’ve never once bought any of my many pets from a store. They were all adopted.

We run a five-day-per-week set of features, “Dog of the Day” and “Cat of the Day,” posting photos from the Cobb Animal Services Shelter website.

A black/gray terrier dog with a blue leash, held by someone behind
Photo from the Cobb County Animal Services website

So we were alarmed when Animal Services posted the following appeal to the county website:

“Cobb’s Animal Services shelter is running dangerously above capacity.  Turn-ins are up 18% this year over last, which means the 321 animals in the shelter puts us at 123% of capacity. 

“1,026 more animals have come into the shelter this year than at this time in 2022.

“There are many reasons why more animals are coming in, but if you have been thinking of adopting a forever friend, now is the time to call (770) 499-4136 to book an appointment. Please help us!

“View pets available for adoption: https://cobbpd.policetocitizen.com/Animals/Catalog

“Animal Services shelter appointment policy: https://www.cobbcounty.org/animal-services/news/pet-visits-made-easy-appointments-preferred-walk-ins-welcome

“A news article can be viewed at https://is.gd/ohQgqV

A white/black chihuahua with a blue leash, looking at the camera
Photo from Cobb County Animal Services Shelter website

Think seriously before you adopt. Only adopt if you’re making a commitment to treat the furry newcomer as a family member.

But if you are ready to adopt, now is the time to do it.

A gray tabby/white kitten held by someone behind
Photo from Cobb County Animal Services Shelter website

About Cobb County Animal Services

Cobb County Animal Services is part of the county’s Department of Public Safety.

The unit was created in 1971, and is currently under the leadership of Director Stephen Hammond.

According to the Cobb County Animal Services website:

The mission of the Cobb County Animal Services Unit is to enforce state laws and county ordinances pertaining to animal control and management; educate the community on responsible pet ownership and wildlife care and provide housing and care for homeless animals, while coordinating their adoptions when possible and humane euthanization when adoptions are not possible.

The shelter is directed by Jake Arnold, the Kennel Operations Manager, and two kennel supervisors. 

The veterinary operation is directed by  Dr. Amy Belew, and has two main functions: to spay and neuter a majority of the animals that are adopted from Cobb County Animal Services, and to treat sick or injured animals that are brought to the shelter.