Mableton Mayor Michael Owens meets with Cobb Public Safety leaders

L-R Cobb Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer, Mableton Mayor Michael Owens, Cobb Public Safety Director Michael Register, and Cobb Fire Chief William JohnsonL-R Cobb Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer, Mableton Mayor Michael Owens, Cobb Public Safety Director Michael Register, and Cobb Fire Chief William Johnson

Mableton Mayor Michael Owens distributed the following press release about his meeting with Cobb public safety leaders, along with County Manager Dr. Jackie McMorris, and Community Development Director Jessica Guinn:

Mayor of Mableton, Michael Owens, met with key public security leaders from Cobb County in a significant gathering that underscored the strong partnership between the City of Mableton and Cobb County. In attendance were Cobb Director of Public Safety, Mike Register, Cobb Police Chief VanHoozer, Cobb Fire Chief Johnson, along with County Manager, Dr. Jackie McMorris, and Cobb Community Development Director, Jessica Guinn. 

Mableton, the newest city in Georgia, is dedicated to upholding the safety and well-being of its residents. During the meeting, which was held at Cobb Government Building at 100 Cherokee St. in Marietta, it was re-emphasized that the city will continue to rely on Cobb County for several crucial services, including police, fire, and EMS. 

Mayor Owens expressed his gratitude towards the county leadership for their steadfast support and dedication to the new city. He stated, “We are incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated partners in Cobb County’s public safety leadership. Their commitment to the safety and security of Mableton’s residents is a testament to the collaborative spirit that makes our community thrive. As we continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to working hand in hand with Cobb County to provide the highest level of service to our residents.” 

This partnership allows the city to focus on its own growth and development, while still ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. Mayor Owens highlighted that, as the city matures, there are no plans to assume control of police, fire, and public safety services, as the city remains confident in the capabilities of Cobb County’s leadership.  

Cobb Public Safety director, Michael Register added, “The City of Mableton and Cobb County share a united goal in public safety, and this meeting exemplifies the power of working together for the greater good. We are committed to upholding the safety standards that residents expect and deserve, and we look forward to continuing this prosperous partnership.”

Cobb Community Development Director Jessica Guinn reiterated the county’s dedication to supporting, not only Mableton’s public safety but also its growth saying, “We are excited about the future of Mableton and are fully prepared to contribute our expertise to its continued success.” 

It was agreed to in the meeting that above and beyond the current services being delivered by the county, members of Cobb’s public safety leadership will periodically attend Mableton’s City Council meetings and provide relevant updates to the Mayor, Council, and residents.