Lane closures on Austell Road overnight Sunday, September 17

A front end loader scraping pavement

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) announced further lane closures this weekend  on State Route 5/Austell Road (SR 5) for Sunday. These closures are part of an ongoing resurfacing project along SR 5 from SR 8/Veterans Memorial Highway to SR 280/South Cobb Drive in Cobb County.

To ensure the safety of motorists and workers, one alternating right or left lane on SR 5 within the project area will be temporarily closed, beginning at 9 p.m. on Sunday September 17. The closure will last until 6 a.m. the following morning.

This resurfacing project aims to improve the overall condition of the roadway and provide drivers with a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience. Crews will be conducting milling, inlay, and resurfacing operations during this time.

With an estimated cost of $7 million, the resurfacing project is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2024.


The GDOT recommends the following safety precautions for drivers approaching the work zone:

As always, motorists traveling in the area are reminded to reduce their speeds in the work zone. Motorists are also encouraged to wear seatbelts, eliminate distractions behind the wheel, and plan their routes before getting on the road by calling 511 for real-time information on work status and traffic conditions.

About the Georgia Department of Transportation

The GDOT describes itself as follows:

“Georgia Department of Transportation plans, constructs and maintains Georgia’s state and federal highways. We’re involved in bridge, waterway, public transit, rail, general aviation, bike and pedestrian programs. 

“And we help local governments maintain their roads. Georgia DOT and its nearly 4,000 employees are committed to delivering a transportation system focused on innovation, safety, sustainability and mobility. 

“The Department’s vision is to boost Georgia’s competitiveness through leadership in transportation.”

The GDOT’s governing body is the 14-member State Transportation Board. The board is chosen by the state legislative delegations of each of the 14 congressional districts in Georgia. The board members serve five-year terms.

The board is currently chaired by Robert L. Brown, Jr.  from the 4th Congressional District.

The State Transportation Board chooses the commissioner, currently Russell R. McMurry.

1st Congressional DistrictAnn R. PurcellSecretary4/15/27
2nd Congressional DistrictCathy Williams4/15/28
3rd Congressional DistrictDennis McEntire4/15/27
4th Congressional DistrictRobert L. Brown, Jr.Chairman4/15/26
5th Congressional DistrictStacey Key4/15/28
6th Congressional DistrictRudy Bowen4/15/25
7th Congressional DistrictCurt Thompson4/15/24
8th Congressional DistrictTim Golden4/15/25
9th Congressional DistrictEmily Dunn4/15/28
10th Congressional DistrictJamie Boswell4/15/28
11th Congressional DistrictJeff Lewis4/15/26
12th Congressional DistrictGreg Morris4/15/24
13th Congressional DistrictDana Lemon4/15/28
14th Congressional DistrictMicah Gravley4/15/28