Controversial QT station rezoning request scheduled for October 3 planning commission hearing

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[Photo above: Cobb County Courier/Larry Felton Johnson]

The application for rezoning that would allow a QuickTrip gasoline station and convenience store on Canton Road at the intersection with Jamerson Road is on the October 3 agenda for the Cobb County Planning Commission.

The rezoning is opposed by adjacent restaurant owners and the Canton Road Neighbors (CRN). CRN cites the number of gas stations already on that road, plus the impact of the QT on the restaurants.

The hearing was previously held from the September meeting.

In an email newsletter outlining CRN’s opposition to the QT, Carol Brown wrote, “It is also unfortunately on a fairly small lot with a narrow, inadequate driveway on Canton which has to be shared with three popular neighborhood restaurants: Vespucci’s Italian Kitchen (with outdoor seating), Ray’s Donuts and Planet Smoothie.”

“CRN position is to Delete the application to NRC but deny the gas station use. This would give the parcel a usable rezoning, at least. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Trader Joe’s or Aldi open there? If you are concerned about the QT at this location, adding to an already saturated market, email,” she continued.

Lawton Jordan, the attorney for the restaurant owners, is reportedly going to ask that the case be continued, but as of this writing the case, Z-30-2023, is still on the agenda.

Mohammed “Mike” Nowroozzadeh and his nephew Reza Atlaschi are the restaurant owners on the property adjacent to the proposed QT. During the September hearing they cited concerns about traffic, fumes from the gas pumps, and concerns over the availability of parking for their restaurants. The site of the proposed QT was previously occupied by a Rite Aid Pharmacy, which had a shared parking arrangement with the restaurants.

Marietta attorney Kevin Moore is representing the QuikTrip Corporation.

During the September Planning Commission meeting he said that the QT station was an appropriate use for the county’s future land use plan.

“You can see there’s a good number of GC (general commercial) zoned properties at this intersection and in this particular area,” Moore said. “The area itself however, is within a neighborhood activity center (NAC) and as such, any future development or redevelopment of the site does require a rezoning and per your ordinance requires a rezoning consistent with the future land use plan.”

“QuickTrip’s application is to rezone the property to NRC which is consistent with the neighborhood activity center future land use designation and that’s also reflected in your professional staff’s recommendation for approval,” he said.

The Planning Commission meeting is Tuesday, October 3, in the Board of Commissioners meeting room at 100 Cherokee Street. Marietta, GA 30090.