Rep. Doug Stoner announces he will not seek another term

Georgia State Capitol on mostly sunny day

Democratic state Representative Doug Stoner (HD-40) announced he will not seek reelection. The maps redrawn by the GOP-led legislature place him in the same Smyrna district, House District 42, as fellow Democrat Teri Anulewicz.

Stoner is no stranger to leaving office due to redistricting.

He was elected to the Georgia Senate from District 6 in 2006, and remained in that office until the redistricting after the 2010 decennial census created a GOP-friendly district. He was defeated by Republican Hunter Hill in 2012.

He was elected to his current office in House District 40 in 2022 and will serve until his current term ends in December of 2024.


His committee assignments include Appropriations, Judiciary and Public Health.

In a press release, Rep. Stoner made the following statement about his decision not to run in the upcoming election.

It has been an incredible honor to serve the people of House District 40. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside so many dedicated individuals who are committed to making our community a better place for all. I decided not to run in the Democratic primary for House District 42. I have known Representative Anulewicz for over 20 years as we have served together in the legislature and on the Smyrna City Council. She will serve my former constituents in the new House District 42 well. I look forward to finding other opportunities to serve my community.

Rep. Anulewicz issued the following statement:

Representative Doug Stoner, who I am fortunate to have had as both a friend and colleague for 20 years, is a relentless advocate for Smyrna and Cobb County. It was a privilege to be represented by him during his years in the Georgia Senate, and it has been my honor to serve with him on the Smyrna City Council and in the Georgia House of Representatives. His depth of knowledge of our community and his keen understanding of policy have helped ensure that Cobb County and Georgia are vibrant communities that continue to thrive. I have no doubt that Representative Stoner will continue to serve Georgia in the future, and I wholeheartedly support him.”

I look forward to continued collaboration with Representative Stoner on behalf of Cobb County throughout 2024. It is my honor to have the opportunity to continue to serve House District 42 and I am look forward to strengthening my relationship with the residents, businesses, and other community stakeholders that are joining House District 42.