Will there be a recount in the razor-thin Smyrna Ward 2 race?

Smyrna City Hall in article about Smyrna millage rate

In the Smyrna Ward 2 election Austin Wagner defeated incumbent Andrea Blustein in the unofficial results by 2 votes.

The razor-thin margin, though, raises a couple of questions: Are there any outstanding ballots that are yet to be counted? Can Councilwoman Blustein request a recount?

To answer those questions this morning, the Courier contacted Janine Eveler, Director of the Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration.

Eveler said, “Well, those results are not final yet. They’re unofficial and they’re not quite complete. We had three provisional ballots that we are waiting to see if people bring their ID documents in.”


She said one of those three has been determined to be invalid, leaving two in that category.

She said there are also four absentee ballots outstanding, including military ballots.

“We have until Friday at 5 to receive those ballots. So we have a total of six ballots we’re still waiting for,” she said.

“And so at the end of day Friday we’ll determine what we have, and then we will certify the election on Tuesday,” Eveler said. “And then after that, the losing candidate, whoever it is, has two days to request a recount if the difference is still within half a percentage point, which it is right now.”