Cobb Commission Districts 1 and 4 tied for most undeveloped land

Welcome to Cobb County brick sign at Henderson Road on Veterans Memorial

The Cobb County government posted a map this afternoon prepared by the county Geographic Information System (GIS) department, showing the locations of the undeveloped land in Cobb County.

The map also included a table broken down by commission district, showing both the undeveloped acreage, and that acreage as a percentage of the district.

Most of the undeveloped land in Cobb is in the western edge of the county, both north of Powder Springs (District 1) and from Powder Springs southward (District 4).

In both districts 1 and 4 undeveloped land makes up 17.3 percent of the district, compared to 3.2 percent for District 2 (Smyrna, the Cumberland area, and part of East Cobb) and 6.5 percent for District 3 (Marietta and part of East Cobb).


In terms of sheer acreage of undeveloped land, though, District 1 is the clear winner. It weighs in at 11,496.36 acres, more than a thousand acres more than District 4.

The map also included the percentage of each district’s land as parkland.

District 1 is ahead in parkland at 11.8 percent of the total acreage, while District 4 comes in last at 2.2 percent.