Powder Springs declares state of emergency

Powder Springs City HallPowder Springs City Hall (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The City of Powder Springs issued an executive order effective March 25 that outlined the details of the city’s state of emergency declaration adopted March 16.

The city distributed the following news release:

Pursuant to the City of Powder Springs’ Declaration of Emergency adopted on March 16, 2020, the City announces the reissuing of the Declaration of Emergency and issuance of an executive order effective 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

The Mayor and Powder Springs officials announce this executive order over the potential dangers to public health presented by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which as of noon Tuesday has resulted in 32 deaths out of 1,026 cases statewide, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health


During the executive order, the following requirements shall be in effect:

•All restaurants and other places where food and drink is offered to the public shall be limited to take out, drive through or delivery. All on-premises dining is prohibited.Such establishments with a license to sell alcoholic beverages may sell such beverages with take-out orders in unopened containers but only during the times specified on the establishment’s license. This does not include delivery.

This directive is intended to suspend city enforcement of prohibitions about certain beverages being sold with carry out food purchases.

The City has no control over state enforcement of state laws. Restaurants that have a license to sell alcoholic beverages and are located within a designated entertainment district where open containers are allowed may sell such licensed beverages with in-person take-out orders. Alcoholic beverages must be consumed outside the restaurant and within the area of the connected entertainment district with such takeout order.

•All public assemblages, events and gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited within the city limits. This does not apply to childcare facilities, grocery stores and other essential businesses, which are spelled out below.

•All event facilities, bars or night clubs, gyms, recreation clubs and private social clubs are closed.•All businesses which are not defined as essential businesses below, where as a part of the normal business operation, employees have direct contact with customers, are closed. The term “direct contact” as used herein shall mean the state or condition of physical touching any part of the customer’s body. These businesses include but are not limited to hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, spas, massage parlors and tattoo parlors.

•All businesses except “essential businesses,” as defined below, shall have hours of operation beginning no earlier than 6 a.m. and ending no later than 9 p.m. Essential businesses are defined as the following:

-Health care operations, including research and laboratory operations-Federal, State, County and Municipal services

-Utilities (gas, electricity, phone, cable)

-Banks and credit unions-Essential Infrastructure

–telecommunications, airports, airlines, transportation (buses, CobbLinc, Lyft, Uber, taxis)

-Delivery services (businesses that deliver or ship foods or goods to homes or businesses)

-Essential Manufacturing/Construction to maintain public health, safety and welfare

-Businesses selling food


-Businesses that perform repair and construction work for businesses and homes

-Trash and recycling collection, processing, and disposal

-Mail and shipping services-Laundromats/dry cleaning

-Janitorial Services (Building/Residential cleaning and maintenance)

-Providers of basic necessities to economically disadvantaged populations

-Auto repair, wrecker services, and gas stations

-Warehouse/distribution and fulfillment

-Funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries

-Storage for essential businesses

-Animal shelters or animal care or management and crematories

-News Media

-Logistical and Tech Support

.-Cafeterias located within medical, industrial, government or other such production facilities that are performing essential functions that are necessary to promote health, welfare and vital resources in the City. These facilities are strongly encouraged to stagger meal times, limit use as much as feasible to achieve physical distancing, and to thoroughly follow CDC protocols of cleaning.

-Childcare or elderly care facilities located within medical, industrial, government or other such production facilities that are performing essential functions that are necessary to promote health, welfare and vital resources in the City.

.-Any service that is deemed by the City Manager to be essential for the protection of public health, safety and welfare.

•All businesses and employers that remain open to the public shall limit their hours and methods of operation in order to limit the number of customers on premises such that in person contact is restricted to and maintained at a distance of 6 feet between individuals consistent with the recommendations of the CDC.

•All businesses and employers are directed to take the necessary steps, to the maximum extent possible, to provide employees with the means and equipment to perform their job functions remotely.

•All individuals are asked to participate in a voluntary curfew beginning at 9 p.m. and ending at 6 a.m., except for necessary trips to and from essential work, for medical treatment, food or medication, or other emergency.

•All individuals and families are encouraged to shelter in place as much as possible.

•Any person showing symptoms recognized by the CDC as indicators of COVID-19 shall refrain from entering public buildings, restaurants, shops, public transportation facilities and all other areas where the public ingresses or egresses. Such person should seek medical attention and follow the directions of their Primary Care Physician until given the clearance to return to public interaction.

•All individuals in public places must maintain and restrict in person contact as much as possible and maintain a distance of 6 feet between individuals.

This Executive Order shall be effective at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, March 25, and be in effect until revoked. City facilities, including parks and recreation, remain closed per the City’s limited closure, which took effect Wednesday, March 18.

Limited services are continuing, including public safety and sanitation operations. Additional details can be found here:


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), research shows that some people are at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19, including older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease and diabetes. While novel coronavirus may affect other populations to less of an extent, its spread and transmittal to higher-risk populations presents a threat to health and human life.