Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County conducting coronavirus care survey

Welcome to Cobb County brick sign at Henderson Road on Veterans Memorial

The Senior Center Council of Cobb County submitted the following article, which includes a link to a survey, and an appeal for donations to help seniors in the county with coronavirus-related issues:

How can you help Cobb County Seniors in this difficult time?

The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County is participating in MayisOlderAmericans Month#MakeYourMark and continuing their 47 year history of advancing and promoting the health and welfare of Cobb’s senior citizens. There are over 100,000 senior citizens living in Cobb County and some are in difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Senior Citizen Council is seeking financial contributions from the community to address coronavirus related issues of older residents. Contributions will be used to fulfill pressing living condition needs of afflicted seniors and also to provide funding for a planned Senior Job Fair which will assist individuals who are unemployed or underemployed because of COVID-19.

The Senior Citizen Council developed a Coronavirus Care survey that it is distributing to the Cobb senior community which will be used as a guide in their advocacy efforts. All persons age 55 and older are invited to complete the very brief survey and add their voice to the more than 200 Cobb seniors who have already expressed their concerns and needs in this survey.

Please click here to complete the Coronavirus Care Survey

All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used solely for the benefit of Cobb senior citizens in this difficult time. Please click here to donate