COVID-19 testing at Jim Miller Park in Cobb County now available to anyone

coronavirus under electron microscopeCoronavirus under electron microscope (image by Felipe Esquivel Reed, licensed under CC-SA 4.0)

After Governor Brian Kemp announced that testing criteria for COVID-19 has been expanded due to increased availability of test supplies, Cobb & Douglas Public Health announced that anyone who wants to be tested can schedule an appointment.

The tests will continue to be carried out in Jim Miller Park in Cobb County and Hunter Park in Douglas County.

The email announcing the expansion of testing described the process for getting tested as follows:

Anyone can now be tested!

Complete the Cobb & Douglas Public Health online testing referral form at OR visit: (click on the Coronavirus button, then click on the “Online Testing Referral” button) OR contact the CDPH Call Center at 770-514-2300 for an appointment. Testing is by appointment only.

CDPH had been conducting tests at Jim Miller Park since March, but tests were limited to people exhibiting symptoms, and a list of high risk individuals. Now anyone is eligible for screening.