Bikeshare returns to Town Center and Cumberland areas

image with bicycles and text December 18th 9 a.m.image courtesy of the Town Center Community Improvement District

Bikeshare is coming back to the Town Center and Cumberland areas.

Seven months after Zagster cancelled its bikeshare program in the Town Center Community Improvement District (TCCID) and the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CCID), citing the impact of COVID-19, bikeshare is returning to those two communities in partnership with Tandem Mobility.

The following joint news release was issued by the TCCID and CCID:

New Bikeshare Programs Launch in Cumberland and Town Center

(December 18, 2020) Cumberland and Kennesaw — The Cumberland and Town Center Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) are excited to announce new bikeshare programs in partnership with Tandem Mobility. The CIDs’ previous bikeshare provider shuttered operations in May (see earlier releases from Cumberland and Town Center). The relaunch with Tandem Mobility will serve as a one-year pilot program while the CIDs explore a regional bikeshare program with additional community partners.

“With the CIDs’ investments in our urban trail network, the region has evolved into a hub of greenway and regional trail connections that attracts walkers, joggers, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts.” said Kim Menefee. “Our bikeshares help make our communities more attractive, more accessible, and more connected. Whether you are heading to a Braves’ game or taking a beautiful ride in Town Center, our bikeshares connect you to the best of what Cobb County has to offer. “

“Our vision of a regional system would take these programs to the next level,” said Tracy Rathbone Styf, executive director of the Town Center CID. “This collaboration between the Cumberland and Town Center CIDs sets the stage for a more connected Cobb County in the future. Through our membership numbers, we’ve seen that thousands of users want to ride and ride further, and now they can. We could not be more thrilled to launch our new system and offer this amenity once again.”

Tandem Mobility offers technology that improves the user experience for renters. Bikeshare members can rent and return a bike from either program’s stations. The previous system allowed riders to rent and return bikes to only one program’s stations. Now, riders can use the programs interchangeably, with access to 80 bikes at 12 stations. Users of the new program will be able to ride for free for the first hour. After that, it will be $3 per hour with a $24 per day maximum.