The World of Art and the South Cobb Art Alliance

Artists Isaac Alcantar, Tokie Rome-Taylor, and Miles Davis in front of a painting by AlcantarL-R Artists Isaac Alcantar, Tokie Rome-Taylor, and Miles Davis in front of a painting by Alcantar at the 2018 SCAA Juried Exhibition (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The world of art has become a multi-billion dollar business ($64.1 billion in sales in 2019), with art displayed on handbags, clothing, murals, streets and galleries across the globe.

Three of the biggest art markets — the United States, China and United Kingdom are very in tune with the consumers of today.

Art is now on the rise on social media more than ever before- Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have become the store front for many artists.

Pinterest has become the #2 overall source of all social media traffic to Shopify stores.


Even with coronavirus still on the rise, people are still being entertained by surfing the web to collect or use art as decor to beautify homes and office buildings.

For Cobb County, the South Cobb Arts Alliance (SCAA) has become a saving grace to many artists and photographers.

The SCAA is led by Sandra Miller who is the president and liaison, and she is always finding different ways to inspire the team to newer heights.

“Perhaps my mission is to link the true artist, the art persona, to the art enthusiast, the onlooker, or the casual bystander,” Miller said. “After all, as someone who is not an artist, my interest in art has been learning to see beyond the colors, the textures, and to go directly to the storyboard of how artwork comes together.”

“And, with this view, one should reconnect all of the art puzzle to a community. I have been honored to be part of this organization, but would like you to learn more about how an all-volunteer organization considers the community as the biggest and best part of the artistic puzzle,” she said.

“South Cobb Arts Alliance’s mission has been to foster and inspire creativity,” Miller said. “For nearly five decades, SCAA has understood the vital role of art in bringing people together and has worked tirelessly to support the creative kinship that strengthens and enriches this bond.”

“Especially in these times when artists, art educators, students and neighbors are restricted in their access to public art, SCAA has stepped up to work with the community businesses and organizations to inspire local art. Finding opportunities for artists, promoting art educators and their students is a part of the effort to keep connections to restart activities,” said Miller.

“Our SCAA community is about more than just sharing space. The artist inspires those who view the art. The onlookers inspire the artists to create and to imagine more,” she said. “The result is the connection to the heart of a community. As a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant award, SCAA built a connection with reading themed artwork to benefit both the South Cobb Regional Library and SCAA.”

“We began displaying art in public spaces and to retail venues such as Rooted Trading Co. We are working on outreach program initiatives to connect student artwork to children in hospitals plus to keep traditions such as National Juried Exhibits, Art Classes, Christmas House Arts and Crafts show. Our home may be in Powder Springs, but our community space extends beyond metro Atlanta.”

Currently artwork and photographs from various artists are being displayed at Rooted Trading Co. owned by Jake and Ellie Hardy at 4555 Marietta St., Powder Springs. Some of these artists and photographers are:

Jennette Barnett, Rene Bernhardt, Barbara Criner, Birdley James, Elizabeth Mobley, Barry Benner, Johnny Crawford, Susan Gore Gardner, Stan Kaady, David Roby and Wendy Jackson.

This allows artists to have their work viewed by the community and gives them a voice in the art world.

A native of South Carolina. Now resides in Austell, Georgia.  An award winning visual  artist and Author of Food for the Soul a inspiration book of  poetry. My hobbies are reading, writing, painting and meeting people — Wendy Jackson