Kennesaw’s Depot Park nears completion

People lined up behind ribbon for ribboncutting ceremonyRibbon-cutting ceremony for Kennesaw's Depot Park (photo courtesy of the City of Kennesaw)

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for Kennesaw‘s Depot Park on June 25, marking the completion of seven of the eight phases of the project.

Further details about Depot Park and the history of its planning and development are included in the press release, reprinted below:

Kennesaw, GA (June 25, 2021) — The City of Kennesaw and Kennesaw Parks & Recreation, along with the community, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for Depot Park, located at 2820 Cherokee Street this morning, June 25.

“Ten years ago, our community asked for additional greenspace and parks to be built throughout the City,” states Mayor Derek Easterling. “This request served as the beginning of our effort to build a truly unique and walkable community and created a fresh and different vision for our downtown. What you see today is the result of these efforts, and there is more to come. Today’s event sets the stage for the next phase of this project which will truly put our community at the forefront of exceptional.”

In 2015, the City of Kennesaw began planning for updates and improvements to the original Depot Park Master Plan (which had been adopted in 2008). The master plan was updated to include multiple program changes. Depot Park, located in historic downtown, is located in front of the City’s Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History, and adjacent to the City’s recently completed Gateway Park. Depot Park is planned to host ample green space, an amphitheater and additional amenities to promote active living.

To date, Phases 1-7 have been completed. Phase 8 is currently in the design phase.

· Phase 1: Museum ADA & Underpass

· Phase 2: Land Acquisition

· Phase 3: Gateway Park

· Phase 4: Engineering & Permitting

· Phase 5: Grading & Wetland Mitigation

· Phase 6: Depot Park Parking Improvements

· Phase 7: Parking Lawn & Upper Meadow

· Phase 8: Amphitheater & Festival Area

“I want our community to know that much of the work on this project was completed in house which saved tens of thousands of dollars in the overall cost of the project and will allow us to do more in the next phases,” Easterling continues. “I would like to recognize our Public Works Team under the direction of Ricky Stewart who all worked diligently to make it happen: Rod Bowman, John Kennedy, Daniel Frey, William Robinson, Stanley ‘Chilly’ Mitchell, Randy Buchanan, Tim

Christian, Kenneth Woodruff, Rodrick Garnigan, Nick Latham, Patrick Henry, Frank Wade, Gary Turner, Clint Warren, Keith Innes and Chris Warden. Amazing work … thank you, gentlemen!”

“And, to our City Manager, Jeff Drobney, thank you for finding a way to create this beautiful park which will serve as a great addition to our community for years to come,” adds Easterling.

The event was broadcast live to the City’s Facebook page for those unable to attend in person at