Mable House announces fun July through October events

Mable HouseThe Mable House complex (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Mable House Arts Center recently announced several fun upcoming events taking place from July through October.

Shelter ‘n’ Paste

Image provided by Mable House

Beginning July 27 Mable House will host “Shelter ‘n’ Paste ” a juried exhibition of collage. More information is included in the announcement reprinted below:

Atlanta Collage Society: Shelter ‘n’ Paste

Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 09:00am – 06:00pm


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Location : Mable House Arts Center

Contact : Marie Jernigan

Shelter in place and cut & paste become one in this show, Shelter ‘n’ Paste, featuring collage art by members of the Atlanta Collage Society. Work displayed was created during the 2020 pandemic shelter in place executive orders. 

Shelter ‘n’ Paste is a juried group exhibition judged by mix media artist, Allison Schorr

Exhibition Dates: July 27th-September 11th

Gallery Hours: 9am-6pm // Monday-Friday // Call 770-819-3285 for weekend hours

Prison Break

Image provided by Mable House

For those among you who love role-playing games, Mable House will host “Prison Break.” Prison Break is an Escape Room. You can read an explanation of what an escape room is by following this link.

You’ve been wrongfully sentenced to life without parole. You’ve settled in, made a few friends, but every man has his breaking point. While the prison is in chaos because of a riot in the yard, you have a tiny window of opportunity to explore the building and carry out a great escape. It’s time to get busy living, or get busy dying…


Up to 6


60 min




*Warning: Special effects include strobe/flashing lights and possible use of fog machines. These may be disruptive to players who are sensitive to such effects. Please be advised to be careful when reserving this game.

Jurassic Journey

Image provided by Mable House

Mable House offers Jurassic Journey starting September 27, an egg hunt for the kids:

Jurassic Journey

Monday, September 27, 2021, 10:00am – 04:00pm

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Location : Mable House Arts Center

Contact : Christopher McDoniel

The Mable House has crash-landed in the Mesozoic Era. Join us on a JURASSIC JOURNEY to unearth the dinosaurs’ nests and engage in the ultimate egg hunt. The Jurassic Journey is a self-guided game beginning in the Arts Center’s Mesozoic Museum and continuing throughout the Mable House Complex. Join us during Fall Break Week for an adventure  into the past as you seek out the mysteries of the great Dino Kingdom.

Registration is required. Call 770-819-3285 to schedule your visit. 

Ages 3-10

Sept 27 – Oct 1

And for a Halloween event …

Image provided by Mable House

Mable house offers Halloween Hunt 2021:

Halloween Hunt 2021

Friday, October 22, 2021

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Location : Mable House Arts Center

Contact : Marie Jernigan

The Quest is ON!

Cobb Parks Presents: Quest: Halloween Hunt. Join us for a Halloween Hunt adventure like no other! This creative scavenger hunt will test the limits of your ability to be artistic, musical, spooky and more. It’s a perfect social distancing activity for your family, a group of friends, or to find new friends! Teams will be up to 10 people, as you work together and separately to complete the list of silly, creative, motivational and outright strange fun. If you have preferred team name, or have friends joining you, be sure to write it in your prompt! Though not guaranteed, we will do our best to ensure to put those who want to be together in teams. 

Deadline for registration is October 20th at 5pm. Teams announced and list goes live October 21st at 12pm! An email with complete rules and guidelines of how to submit items will be emailed out with the Team Announcements. 

The Quest Halloween Hunt is designed for ages 18+, but children 17 and under are free and welcome to help complete items on the list. They are honorary team members, but must have a parent or guardian over 18 registered as the official member of the team and the parent must be the official team member submitting completed list items.

For more information visit the Mable House Arts Center website.