Cobb Planning Commission recommends approval of rezoning for Residential Senior Living development on McClure Road

a map of the intersection of McLure and Acworth Due West roads.Screenshot from Open Street Maps.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Cobb County Planning Commission. the commission recommended that the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approve a rezoning request that would expand the proportion of a property zoned RSL to allow a Residential Senior Living development pf 29 homes to be built on McClure Road at Acworth Due West Road.

The Planning Commission is an advisory body, and the final decision will be made by the Board of Commissioners.

Attorney Kevin Moore represented the applicant, Tyler Chandler Homes, LLC., and estimated that 60 percent of the property is now zoned RSL, with the remainder zoned LRO, a zoning category for small office and nonretail commercial uses.

In introducing the request, he said, “This property is just over seven acres.”

“It’s located at the intersection of Acworth Due West Road and McClure Road, which is just south of the intersection of Acworth Due West Road and (Hwy) 41 which as you can imagine is a very large intersection and a heavily commercialized intersection,” said Moore.

“We are looking at taking this existing tract all a single RSL development for a total of only 29 homes and 3.9 units per acre,” he said. “So it fits very nicely within the RSL requirements as well as being less than the density of the RSL that’s already approved.”

Cobb’s zoning documentation describes LRO as follows:

The LRO district is established to provide locations for low scale professional offices and other nonretail commercial uses such as offices and nursery schools, which are on properties delineated within or on the edge of a neighborhood activity center, community activity center or regional activity center as defined and shown on the Cobb County Comprehensive Plan: A Policy Guide, adopted November 27, 1990. When located on the edge of a neighborhood activity center node as defined by the comprehensive plan, the LRO district should provide for office uses that are low in intensity to ensure compatibility with adjacent single-family detached dwellings and otherwise to implement the stated purpose and intent of this chapter.

The rezoning application had no community opposition present that the meeting, and the hearing was short.

Fred Beloin, the planning commissioner representing District 1, made a motion to approve the request with stipulations, and it passed 5-0.

About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission hearings and recommendations have some of the highest impacts on quality of life in the county of any public body.

Their job is to make recommendations on rezoning requests, special land use requests, and other business related to land us, and to send those recommendations to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, which makes the final decision.

The Planning Commission is described on the Cobb County website as follows:

Established as an advisory Commission to assist the governing authority (BOC) in the administration and enforcement of the Zoning and Planning Act and to prescribe the duties and functions of such commission.

The full duties and functions of this Commission are contained in the Cobb County Zoning Ordinance, Section 3-28-9 134-61.

Members are appointed for terms which run concurrently with those of the appointing commissioner and are subject to removal with or without cause and without regard to any unexpired term. The Commission Chair is compensated $275.00 per month, the Secretary is compensated $275.00 per month with all other members compensated $250.00 per month.

MemberAppointed ByTerm

Steven VaultChairwoman Cupid12/31/2024
Fred BeloinCommissioner Gambrill12/31/2022
David AndersonCommissioner Richardson12/31/2024
Deborah DanceCommissioner Birrell12/31/2022
Michael HughesCommissioner Sheffield12/31/2024