Damaged homes up to 50 in South Cobb, 16 of them rendered uninhabitable

Screenshot of a map of the western portion of the City of Mableton, including Blair's Bridge RoadScreenshot from Open Street Maps

Cobb Communications Director Ross Cavitt told the Courier via phone that the number of homes damaged in South Cobb has risen to 50, and 16 of those were damaged so significantly that they are uninhabitable.

One person suffered minor injuries during the storm, and another person had a cardiac issue during the course of the storm that is non-life-threatening.

Cavitt said the National Weather Service will make a determination about whether the damage was caused by a tornado or by a straight-line wind event.

A public information release yesterday stated that there were no active tornado warnings at the time of the storm.

The county reported Thursday afternoon that firefighters went street to street in the neighborhoods around Ivy Log Drive and that a warehouse on Oak Ridge Parkway had partially collapsed.

In addition to the damage in South Cobb, there were reports of damage from all over the county.


The storm damage in the county was the result of a line of fast-moving severe storms that passed through the county yesterday afternoon prompting the National Weather Service to issue a wind advisory.

911 calls began pouring in to Cobb emergency services at around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.