Mableton mayor issues statement on Georgia Municipal Association training retreat

a screenshot of the six districts in Mableon, with 1,2,3 to the south, 4, 5, 6 to the north

Mableton Mayor Michael Owens released the following statement on the recent retreat for the city’s mayor and city council at the offices of the Georgia Municipal Association:

City of Mableton Wraps up Productive Planning Retreat to Move City Forward

The City of Mableton recently concluded a highly productive planning retreat at the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) Offices located in downtown Atlanta, GA.

The retreat, which spanned from Thursday, September 14, to Saturday, September 16, 2023, featured a comprehensive agenda aimed at charting the course for the city’s future development and service priorities. It consisted of a mix of team-building exercises, vision and mission discussions, and presentations on various critical topics.  The retreat provided a platform for meaningful discussions and collaboration among city officials and staff.

Emilia Walker, interim Mableton city attorney, led sessions on service priorities while Randy Logan, GMA Deputy Director, and his staff introduced the attendees to the benefits of GMA services that included comprehensive information on workers’ compensation, retirement planning, along with life and health insurance.

The final day of the retreat included an in-depth session on budget and fiscal year planning, led by Frank Milazi, Mableton interim financial consultant, and included continued discussions on service priorities and gained insights into Hotel/Motel Tax Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) overview, with a presentation by Michael Huening, Esq. of Fincher Denmark.

The meeting was open to the public and was attended by several citizens and guests, including Monica Delancy of the We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association organization.

The retreat concluded on Sunday afternoon with a closing statement from Mayor Michael Owens, who expressed his enthusiasm and gratefulness for the event. Owens said, “The City of Mableton is embarking on an exciting journey of growth and progress, and this planning retreat has been a crucial step in shaping our vision for the future. I am grateful to our city council, our city staff, and GMA for the collective support and dedication in making this retreat productive and informative, which will drive value for the people of Mableton.”

The City of Mableton Planning Retreat served as another pivotal moment in the city’s journey to shape its future. The collaborative effort and dedication of city officials and stakeholders in attendance underscored the commitment to providing the best services and opportunities for the residents of Mableton.

About the Georgia Muncipal Association

The Georgia Municipal Association is the advocacy group for cities within the state of Georgia.

The GMA describes its mission as follows:

The mission of the Georgia Municipal Association is to anticipate and influence the forces shaping Georgia’s cities and to provide leadership, tools and services that assist municipal governments in becoming more innovative, effective and responsive.

In addition to developing legislative priorities on behalf of the member cities, the GMA provides training and education for mayors and city council members, and consults with cites for services such as insurance, revenue opportunities, and cybersecurity.

GMA currently represents 537 Georgia cities.

To learn more about the GMA, visit its website by following this link.