Four properties dropped from park land acquisition list

Cobb residents celebrating county commission decision to move forward with parks bond-- photo by Larry Felton Johnson

This report was prepared from information in a May 22 parks bond property update distributed by the county.

In a closed executive session, the  Cobb County Board of Commissioners were told that four properties had been dropped from the list for possible acquisition with the $27.4 million park bond. Pat Riley, the Cobb County attorney who is handling the property negotiations said, “Of the original ten properties identified as the highest in priority, four have been removed from consideration based on the fact that the county was not able to reach an agreement with property owners or the properties were unsuitable for park purposes.”

The properties were on Baker, Post Oak Tritt, Fowler, and Kurtz Roads.

The Board of Commissioners directed the county negotiators to add additional properties to the active list of prospective properties, to replace the four that were removed.

The meeting was closed because executive sessions during property negotiations are an allowed exception under the Open Meetings Act.  Citizens can attend most government meetings under that law.

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