County posts video of Boyce touring Riverside Parkway apartments

Riverside Parkway road sign in article about homicde suicide at EpiCenterRiverside Parkway (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Yesterday the county posted a video of Cobb County Commission Chairman Michael Boyce touring Kingsley Village Apartments on Riverside Parkway.  Kingsley Village is one of three complexes on Riverside Parkway have been the subject of increasing scrutiny.  A hearing in magistrate court over more than 80 alleged code violations is scheduled for March 7, and tenants from the apartments have been attending Board of Commissioners meetings to complain about conditions. The Canadian-based owners of the three complexes have voluntarily entered into a nuisance-abatement agreement with Cobb County code enforcement and the police department, which gives them a year to correct a specified set of problems at the complexes.

The video begins with a resident speaking at the last Board of Commissioners meeting.  She said, “There are rats, mold, non-working smoke detectors, no fire extinguishers, everything that’s uninhabitable about an apartment.”

It then cuts to Boyce, who said, “What we have seen over the recent past and then some, it’s now time for me to bring myself down here, and to insert myself into this process (to) show how seriously we take the constituents’ concerns that they’ve come and expressed at the board.”

He is then shown handing out leaflets to residents with instructions on how to report problems with their apartment units.


Watch the video below


2 Comments on "County posts video of Boyce touring Riverside Parkway apartments"

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  2. I am glad to see the Chairman Boyce doing a site visit at these apartments to help these Cobb residents. This is the way these situations should be handled, rather than do what Smyrna has done and simply condemn properties, displacing low income people in favor of lucrative real estate deals.

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