Craig Owens back in Sheriff’s race after Cobb Superior Court ruling

Major (now Sheriff) Craig Owens speaking at South Cobb Business Associations luncheon used in article about Owens statement on attacks on Asian-AmericansMajor (now Sheriff) Craig Owens speaking at South Cobb Business Associations luncheon (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb County Superior Court ruled in favor of Craig Owens, affirming his place on the ballot in the upcoming general primary.

The ruling was handed down at the 10 a.m. hearing by Senior Judge Tambra Colston, who was appointed to Cobb Superior Court on a temporary basis to rule on the case.

Owens and Gregory Gilstrap had been disqualified by the Cobb Board of Elections and Registration after rival Democrat James Herndon had lodged complaints that the two had not properly filed required paperwork.

Gilstrap’s disqualification was reversed by the board on April 3.

After the Superior Court’s ruling, Owens said in a press release:

“I would like to thank the Cobb County Superior Court for affirming what my life and career of service indicate – I am qualified for this position. When I consulted with my wife and family and made the choice to run for Cobb County Sheriff, we went in with clear eyes and full hearts, knowing the journey would not be easy. We decided to run this race because Cobb deserves better.

Voters deserve a choice. The petty actions that led us to this moment make clear the difference between me and my opponents. This election is about restoring trust and integrity to the Cobb sheriff’s office. It’s time to do away with the days of intimidation and replace them with the respected leadership you deserve. To the voters of Cobb, I want you to know this: a new day is coming. Now it’s time to vote so truth and justice will prevail.”

When asked for comment on the ruling, Herndon wrote in an email to the Courier, “Without knowing why its hard to comment. I will say this…
The board never ruled on Owens lying on a sworn affidavit once they disqualified him on the first challenge. They should have but let that challenge remain open.”

In the email Herndon also repeated his charges that Owens has embellished his military record, omitted a security business he owned from his campaign filings, and used police department equipment and personnel to generate revenue for himself.