Cupid and Boyce: A look at the precincts

A map showing the results of the election race between Lisa Cupid and Mike Boycescreenshot from the results page of the race between Commissioner Lisa Cupid and Chairman Mike Boyce

Democratic District 4 Commissioner Lisa Cupid defeated Republican Cobb County Board of Commissioners Chairman Michael Boyce to become Chairwoman-elect of the BOC.

This is the second in our series on how the vote for various offices within the county went in the 2020 General Election. A recount is ongoing, but the numbers are not expected to change much.

The county went decisively Democratic this year after trending in that direction since Hillary Clinton won the county’s votes in the 2016 presidential election.

The Cobb County Board of Education was the only county body to buck that trend, with the GOP maintaining its one-vote majority.


Here is a screenshot of the map of the distribution of precincts which went for Cupid (in green) and Boyce (in dark blue).

Precinct map screenshot from the Cobb County elections results website

To look at the interactive version of this map and for more information on election results follow this link.

To see a complete list of precincts with the addresses of their voting sites follow this link.

The map above is very similar to the maps from the first article in this series outlining the presidential election results and comparing that to the Ossoff-Perdue senate race.

Like both Biden and Ossoff, Cupid performed strongly in South Cobb and in the incorporated cities in the southern part of the county, sweeping Austell, Powder Springs and Smyrna.

Boyce drew his support from the northwestern corner of Cobb, East Cobb, one precinct in Vinings (which went for Biden, but for Perdue in the U.S. Senate race), and in Acworth and Kennesaw.

Precincts won by Boyce

Precincts won by Boyce
Acworth 1A19891903
Acworth 1B20111562
Addison 011008910
Baker 0113941016
Bells Ferry 021214810
Bells Ferry 041525670
Chattahoochee 011111932
Cheatham Hill 0215201500
Chestnut Ridge 011649758
Davis 01927914
Dickerson 0114031007
Dodgen 011060674
Dowell 0111891013
Durham 012396741
Eastside 0115511298
Eastside 0220011626
Elizabeth 021062896
Elizabeth 0313181205
Elizabeth 0512301000
Ford 0117611129
Frey 011330750
Fullers Park 011645656
Garrison Mill 011313971
Gritters 0116581273
Harrison 011712753
Hayes 0120981378
Hightower 0120971088
Kell 01892830
Kemp 0322631313
Kennesaw 2A1393642
Kennesaw 3A1664471
Kennesaw 4A13271292
Kennesaw 5A2079918
Lassiter 0118121130
Lost Mountain 0118101147
Lost Mountain 0224211059
Lost Mountain 0327341560
Lost Mountain 041372721
Mabry 01921445
Marietta 2B1255542
Marietta 3A1619898
Marietta 4A1222679
Marietta 6B1079822
Mars Hill 0120291207
Mars Hill 0211661122
McClure 0116621423
McEachern 011075677
Mt Bethel 012128895
Mt Bethel 0315131240
Mt Bethel 0415351079
Murdock 011943847
Nicholson 011033837
Norton Park 011223772
Oregon 01797527
Pine Mountain 011885913
Pine Mountain 021885705
Pitner 0111991072
Pope 0114331068
Post Oak 011831839
Powers Ferry 011278882
Rocky Mount 011565994
Roswell 0126891786
Roswell 0218221206
Sandy Plains 0112061085
Sewell Mill 0115351110
Sewell Mill 031384601
Shallowford Falls 0116711225
Sope Creek 011132676
Sope Creek 0219551618
Sope Creek 031397859
Timber Ridge 011223794
Vaughan 011697803
Vinings 0414821120
Willeo 011409900

Precincts won by Cupid

Precincts won by Cupid
Acworth 1C12412146
Austell 1A6092642
Bells Ferry 038281116
Big Shanty 018961101
Big Shanty 0213161861
Birney 016371123
Birney 029971878
Blackwell 019901369
Bryant 01992796
Bryant 022341008
Chalker 0114322687
Cheatham Hill 0317332331
Clarkdale 014742549
Clarkdale 0210282583
Cooper 01668987
Dobbins 013751700
Dobbins 026781279
East Piedmont 01835934
Elizabeth 01780782
Elizabeth 04794985
Fair Oaks 029662482
Fair Oaks 048461786
Harmony-Leland 017273738
Kemp 0110931276
Kemp 0218542523
Kennesaw 1A7992270
Lindley 018712824
Mableton 0110262482
Mableton 025411392
Mableton 039051234
Mableton 04603654
Macland 017952126
Marietta 1A7731351
Marietta 2A10291568
Marietta 3B2481539
Marietta 4B7571791
Marietta 4C14191549
Marietta 5A6671087
Marietta 5B414437
Marietta 6A408747
Marietta 7A3801365
McCleskey 018751177
Nickajack 018932546
North Cobb 018101881
Oakdale 0113161683
Oregon 0210042778
Oregon 038802202
Oregon 049182250
Oregon 0513031722
Palmer 0111552649
Pebblebrook 016161201
Powders Springs 1A10492509
Powders Springs 2A4601793
Powders Springs 3A7261939
Riverside 011111059
Simpson 018671684
Smyrna 1A6151824
Smyrna 2A9552665
Smyrna 3A11291991
Smyrna 3B8341057
Smyrna 4A21572481
Smyrna 5A9111860
Smyrna 6A20052485
Smyrna 7A16293471
Sweetwater 018801402
Sweetwater 024521466
Terrell Mill 0111582320
Vinings 018321450
Vinings 0216582706
Vinings 0311901982
Wade Green 0216971749

Marietta precincts

Marietta was an interesting case, because it neither went heavily for Boyce (like Acworth and Kennesaw) nor for Cupid (who swept the precincts in Austell, Smyrna and Powder Springs).

Boyce won four of the City of Marietta’s precincts while Cupid won nine.

Cupid still came out on top in the precinct totals in the City of Marietta though, with 14,375 to Boyce’s 11,270.

Here is a breakdown of Marietta’s precinct totals.

Marietta Precincts won by Boyce
Marietta 2B1255542
Marietta 3A1619898
Marietta 4A1222679
Marietta 6B1079822
Marietta precincts won by Cupid
Marietta 1A7731351
Marietta 2A10291568
Marietta 3B2481539
Marietta 4B7571791
Marietta 4C14191549
Marietta 5A6671087
Marietta 5B414437
Marietta 6A408747
Marietta 7A3801365

In the next article in this series, we’ll examine the results in Cobb County Board of Commissioners District 2, where Democrat Jerica Richardson captured the seat in her race against Republican Fitz Johnson.