Cobb Commission District 2 election results: a look at the precincts

map of Cobb BOC District 2Screenshot of District 2 from the Cobb County election results page

Democrat Jerica Richardson defeated Republican Fitz Johnson in the race to fill the seat of District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott on the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, and we’re going to examine from where in the district each candidate drew their strength.

This is the third in a series of articles taking a closer look at the dramatic results of the November 3 2020 election in Cobb County.

District 2 has been, until this election, a reliably Republican seat.

Along with District 4 Commissioner Lisa Cupid‘s defeat of incumbent Republican Chairman Mike Boyce, this election yielded the first majority Democratic Cobb BOC since the GOP gained control of the body in 1984 under Chairman Earl Smith.

The tally for Richardson was 53,776 or 50.49 percent of the vote. Johnson’s share of the vote was 52,724, or 49.51 percent of the total.

A good place to begin a closer look at the precinct level is this screenshot of the map showing the distribution of precincts Johnson won (in dark blue) and those Richardson won (in green).

As you can see, Richardson’s strength was in the southern part of the district including Smyrna, the two Marietta precincts in District 2, and all of Vinings except for Vinings 04.

Johnson’s strength was in East Cobb and Vinings 04.

Vinings 04 is one of a handful of precincts that delivered its votes to Joe Biden in the presidential race, but went with Republicans in local races.

We’ll be looking at Vinings 04 more closely in a later article. It’s an unusual precinct in that it’s a Republican-leaning precinct surrounded by Democratic-leaning precincts on the Cobb County side, but it’s adjacent to Republican-leaning Buckhead across the river in the City of Atlanta.

In the tables below I’ve linked to the map of each precinct, so by clicking on the name, you can get an idea of its boundaries and its placement on the larger map.

If you drill down into the precinct maps linked to below, you’ll find that Johnson did well in precincts running along Roswell Road, Sewell Mill Road, Post Tritt Road, Johnson Ferry Road … in fact along all the major corridors associated with East Cobb.

The corridors where Richardson was strong included South Cobb Drive, Atlanta Road, Oakdale Road, Concord Road, Cobb Parkway, Cumberland Parkway and the Cooper Lake Road area … in other words Smyrna, parts of Vinings and the Cumberland area.

Precincts won by Johnson

The following precincts were won by Fitz Johnson:

Chestnut Ridge 011639985
Dickerson 011381942
Dodgen 011051674
Eastside 011541944
Eastside 0219521329
Fullers Park 0116231147
Hightower 0120751371
Murdock 0119411344
Mt Bethel 0120561286
Mt Bethel 0314941089
Mt Bethel 041484882
Powers Ferry 0112601104
Roswell 0126681776
Roswell 0217971217
Shallowford Falls 0116671102
Sewell Mill 0115021254
Sewell Mill 03836583
Sope Creek 011115682
Sope Creek 0219241636
Sope Creek 031385859
Timber Ridge 011204807
Vinings 0414861115
Willeo 011416897

Precincts won by Richardson

Chattahoochee 0111162669
Dobbins 025191074
Marietta 6A256928
Marietta 7A14133
Nickajack 018872538
Oakdale 0113281682
Smyrna 1A6121818
Smyrna 2A6581556
Smyrna 3B688819
Smyrna 4A19552203
Smyrna 6A20172467
Smyrna 7A13432420
Terrell Mill 0111612310
Vinings 018191452
Vinings 0216382713
Vinings 0312161969

In the next installment in this series we’ll take a look at the race for Cobb County Sheriff, in which longtime incumbent Neil Warren was unseated by Democratic challenger Craig Owens.