Overnight lane closures on I-20 in Cobb this weekend

I-20 shield logoI-20 logo. Public domain image.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) issued the following announcement of overnight lane closures on I-20 this weekend to include that section of the interstate that runs through Cobb County:

Work crews for the Georgia Department of Transportation will install overnight lane closures on I-20 eastbound and westbound this weekend as they continue work on a safety project to restripe the interstate lanes between Sweetwater Creek in Douglas County to Windsor Street in Fulton County, a project limit that includes Cobb County. This restriping project will enhance driver safety by increasing visibility of the existing roadway striping.  
Weather and on-site conditions permitting, two left lanes will be closed on I-20 eastbound and westbound between Thornton Road and Fulton Street on Saturday, October 2 and Sunday, October 3 from 8 p.m. until  6 a.m. the following mornings. The location of the closures will “roll” as work crews move  within the project area placing reflective tape on the roadway pavement.  

About the Georgia Department of Transportation

The GDOT describes itself as follows:

Georgia Department of Transportation plans, constructs and maintains Georgia’s state and federal highways. We’re involved in bridge, waterway, public transit, rail, general aviation, bike and pedestrian programs. And we help local governments maintain their roads. Georgia DOT and its nearly 4,000 employees are committed to delivering a transportation system focused on innovation, safety, sustainability and mobility. The Department’s vision is to boost Georgia’s competitiveness through leadership in transportation. 

The GDOT’s governing body is the 14-member State Transportation Board. The board is chosen by the state legislative delegations of each of the 14 congressional districts in Georgia. The board members serve five-year terms.

The board is currently chaired by Emily Dunn from the 9th Congressional District.

The State Transportation Board chooses the commissioner, currently Russell R. McMurry.