Cobb GIS develops app to match nonprofit resources, people in need, and donors

Corey Alden and Commissioner Keli GambrillCorey Alden and Commissioner Keli Gambrill (screenshot of video)

Cobb County GIS has introduced a new web app that will identify nonprofits that provide resources to people in need and can match the nonprofits up with people who want to donate money, volunteer time, or goods.

It’s an interactive mapping tool that not only provides a visual representation of places in the county to get food, housing assistance, and other resources but is searchable so that you can look for things like food within five miles of a given address.

In a video posted to CobbTV and Youtube, Cobb District 1 Commissioner Keli Gambrill interviewed Cory Alden from Cobb’s GIS department.

“This was an idea that I had that came about as a result of our COVID pandemic that we had back in 2020, where people were trying to access information or find resources, and we’re having a difficult opportunity in doing so,” Gambrill said. “So with that, Cory, would you like to show … what you’ve been able to create with that idea?”

“Cobb County’s new community resource application allows users to view nonprofit resources near them, and attain knowledge on various outreach programs and find specific needs,” Alden said. “This quick search engine can also help big, small, or unknown nonprofit organizations be found and receive donations.”

“When you open this application, a splash screen appears, welcoming you to the page, and it provides some information regarding how to use the app and even help make it better,” he said. “Upon closing the splash screen, you will notice it has a similar feel to other mapping applications, where you can search by address your current location, or interacting with a map directly.”

The welcome screen for the app

“Watch as I enter 4055 Ebenezer road,” he said. “After you have found your location a pin is placed on the map. Under the search bar, you will notice it is showing resources within a one-mile radius of your location.”

“You can use the slide bar to narrow or broaden your geographic range up to 10 miles,” Alden said. “

“This application goes a step further than most other mapping applications you may be used to. Below the slide bar, you will see a list of resources labeled by the type of service as mentioned earlier,” he said. “If you click on one, it will show you the information regarding this organization. Additionally, if you see any information that needs to be amended, click on the link at the bottom to help us update and correct this data.”

To learn more about this application, watch the short video embedded below: