Marietta man receives 30-year-sentence for vehicular homicide after deliberately striking fiancee’s vehicle

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For a fatal collision that reportedly arose after the defendant deliberately struck his fiancée’s vehicle, Michael Lauray of Marietta was sentenced to 30 years in prison by Cobb County Superior Court Judge Robert D. Leonard II after entering a plea of guilty.

A public information release from Cobb District Attorney Flynn D. Broady, Jr. described the incident as follows:
“On August 31, 2021, Marietta Police Department responded to a crash on Powder Springs Street in Marietta, GA where a 2013 Kia Optima had t-boned a 1994 Toyota Camry after it spun out of control into the Kia’s lane of travel.

“The passenger of the Toyota Camry died as a result of the crash. Michael Lauray, who arrived on scene after the crash, stated that he was passing by and saw what he thought to be his fiancée’s Toyota.

“Later that evening, detectives located Michael Lauray’s vehicle, a 2019 Chevrolet Trax, and noticed damage to the front right quarter of his vehicle.

“Detectives seized Lauray’s vehicle based on the damage. Through the course of the vehicle inspection, paint scrapings were recovered and sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“The GBI and Marietta Police Department’s STEP Team determined Lauray’s vehicle was involved in the crash. Detectives then executed a search warrant on Lauray’s phone.

“Through an investigation of the phone, detectives learned Lauray and his fiancée were having an argument over alleged cheating. Conversations through text and phone call were happening throughout the night leading up to the incident.

“Lauray asked his girlfriend to meet him in a Kroger parking lot nearby to talk about their relationship. His girlfriend did not show up, which prompted Lauray to track his fiancée’s phone and find her. Lauray located his fiancée’s vehicle, which was travelling northbound on Powder Springs Street and was carrying a passenger.
“Lauray struck the driver’s side back panel of his fiancee’s 1994 Toyota Camry with the front right quarter of his 2019 Chevrolet Trax.

“This caused the Toyota to enter into a counterclockwise rotation, left its original lane of travel and crossed over into oncoming traffic. It was then struck by the Kia Optima, killing the passenger of the Toyota. The driver of the Kia Optima and Lauray’s fiancée also sustained injuries. Lauray returned to the scene after causing the wreck and made false statements about his involvement.”
Assistant District Attorneys David Holmes and Nolan Slifko prosecuted this case.

Marietta Attorney Ashley Merchant represented Lauray at the plea.