Sonja Brown and James Luttrell will face each other in the June 21 runoff for Cobb County Superior Court

sign with American flag stating "Vote Here"Sign at South Cobb Recreation Center voting location. Photo:Cobb County Courier/Larry Felton Johnson

Magistrate Court Judge Sonja Brown and attorney James Luttrell will face each other in the June 21 runoff for the Cobb Superior Court seat opened by the retirement of Judge Robert E. Flournoy III.

Brown received 36,984 reflecting 29 percent of the total votes cast, and Luttrell got 27,794 votes for 21.8 percent of the votes.

Gerald Moore was in third place at 18.91 percent, Taneesha Marshall came in at 15.83 percent, and Daniele Johnson at 14.47 percent.

Superior Court elections are nonpartisan, but the breakdown of results by precinct between the top two candidates looks very similar to the typical breakdown of precincts in a partisan election, with Sonja Brown showing strength in the heavily Democratic southern part of the county, I-75 corridor, and the cities of Acworth, Marietta and Smyrna, and James Luttrell’s precincts of strength concentrated in unicorporated West and East Cobb.

Sonja Brown’s strength on May 24 was in the blue areas, James Luttrell’s in the green

But the precinct map doesn’t necessarily reflect judicial philosophy or practices on the bench. To learn more about the candidates’ approach to judicial matters, read the following two Q&As the Courier’s Arielle Robinson conducted with the candidates:

The interview with Sonja Brown

The interview with James Luttrell

Here is the breakdown by precinct between Brown and Luttrell:

PrecinctSonja BrownJames Luttrell
Acworth 1A281222
Acworth 1B283236
Acworth 1C256130
Addison 01188172
Austell 1A17960
Austell 1B20118
Baker 01236173
Bells Ferry 02165164
Bells Ferry 0312281
Bells Ferry 04223214
Big Shanty 01104127
Big Shanty 02220177
Birney 0114198
Birney 02331123
Bryant 0125527
Bryant 0227530
Blackwell 01192129
Chattahoochee 0119877
Cheatham Hill 02241254
Cheatham Hill 03326324
Chalker 01234137
Clarkdale 0114969
Clarkdale 02429146
Cooper 0135498
Chestnut Ridge 01282339
Dickerson 01265268
Dobbins 018752
Dobbins 0212347
Dowell 01230205
Dodgen 01205213
Durham 01267372
Davis 01139135
Eastside 01285280
Eastside 02314313
Elizabeth 0116572
Elizabeth 02147190
Elizabeth 03204212
Elizabeth 04190100
Elizabeth 05255216
East Piedmont 0117192
Fair Oaks 02299128
Fair Oaks 0415697
Fullers Park 01305285
Ford 01209309
Frey 01200247
Garrison Mill 01246250
Gritters 01259254
Harmony-Leland 0123233
Harmony-Leland 0244262
Harrison 01257298
Hightower 01321409
Hayes 01248333
Kennesaw 1A144134
Kennesaw 2A262175
Kennesaw 3A314179
Kennesaw 4A217154
Kennesaw 5A367253
Kell 01122156
Kemp 01148218
Kemp 02352355
Kemp 03327425
Lassiter 01261272
Lindley 01511103
Lost Mountain 01384383
Lost Mountain 02309424
Lost Mountain 03532508
Lost Mountain 04218269
Mableton 01473155
Mableton 0221967
Mableton 03205146
Mableton 0414795
Mabry 01100160
Macland 01350106
Murdock 01361368
McEachern 01341174
McCleskey 01142150
McClure 01209229
Marietta 1A18390
Marietta 2A157166
Marietta 2B298231
Marietta 3A299257
Marietta 3B17741
Marietta 4A144204
Marietta 4B12792
Marietta 4C198294
Marietta 5A191104
Marietta 5B11533
Marietta 6A10936
Marietta 6B262126
Marietta 7A11742
Mars Hill 01192275
Mars Hill 02171161
Mt. Bethel 01383404
Mt. Bethel 03265284
Mt. Bethel 04263293
North Cobb 01162114
Nickajack 01406119
Norton Park 01271163
Nicholson 01122155
Oakdale 01281163
Oregon 01168171
Oregon 02433133
Oregon 03286102
Oregon 04354129
Oregon 05412232
Pebblebrook 0138678
Powers Ferry 01208165
Pine Mountain 01239324
Pine Mountain 02205321
Post Oak 01224274
Pope 01251285
Palmer 01157154
Powder Springs 1A405160
Powder Springs 2A24562
Powder Springs 3A367109
Pitner 01181169
Rocky Mount 01243241
Riverside 0113115
Roswell 01443524
Roswell 02317374
Sandy Plains 01194214
Shallowford Falls 01263281
Simpson 01130155
Sewell Mill 01288242
Sewell Mill 03267177
Smyrna 1A20278
Smyrna 2A343136
Smyrna 3A323133
Smyrna 3B162100
Smyrna 4A481338
Smyrna 5A299112
Smyrna 6A323249
Smyrna 7A466114
Sope Creek 01242254
Sope Creek 02318286
Sope Creek 03205262
Sweetwater 01217146
Sweetwater 0216644
Terrell Mill 0119292
Timber Ridge 01225215
Vaughan 01252325
Vinings 01214136
Vinings 02435216
Vinings 03346164
Vinings 04243263
Wade Green 02317211
Willeo 01222227

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