Jason Marbutt drops bid for state court to seek open Cobb Superior Court seat

Jason Marbutt for article about his Superior Court candidacyJason Marbutt (photo courtesy of Jason Marbutt)

Cobb County Senior Assistant District Attorney Jason Marbutt has dropped his run for Cobb County State Court to campaign for the Superior Court seat of Judge Stephen Schuster, who recently announced his retirement.

“In light of Judge Schuster’s decision to retire, and with the encouragement from my peers in the legal community and friends and family throughout Cobb County, I am announcing my intention to run for Superior Court Judge,” said Marbutt. “As a career prosecutor and Chairman of the Cobb Elder Abuse Task Force, I believe my experience in protecting our most vulnerable citizens, our mothers and fathers, and our grandmothers and grandfathers, is best suited for the Superior Court bench.”

He was previously running for State Court Post 6, Division I, which is an open seat due to the retirement of Judge Toby Prodgers. Prodgers has been a State Court judge since 1995.

Last month Marbutt announced that he had raised the most funds of any candidate for the Cobb State Court position.


According to Marbutt’s campaign biography:

Jason Marbutt is a Senior Assistant District Attorney with the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office, Adjunct Professor at Emory School of Law, Chairman of the Cobb Elder Abuse Task Force (CEATF), coach for the Walton High School Mock Trial Team, soccer coach, former softball coach, former wrestling coach, and a former high school and elementary school teacher. He is recognized as an expert in white collar and elder abuse crime. Born in Austell, Jason and his wife Olivia are now raising their three children in Cobb County.

The remaining announced candidates in the State Court Post 6 race are attorney Katherine “Trina” Griffiths, Magistrate Court Judge Kellie Hill, attorney Maziar Mazloom, and attorney David Willingham.


2 Comments on "Jason Marbutt drops bid for state court to seek open Cobb Superior Court seat"

  1. This MUST be stopped! Marbutt (under supervision of Reynolds) & along with their good ‘ole boy little buddies Flournoy & Warren & ‘defense attorney’, Willingham, who allowed a CONVICTED felon to AGAIN walk freely and with his elderly mother in tow … STUDY more in depth the RICHARD MERRITT case. Is THIS (Marbutt) the despicable type you want as a ‘Superior Judge’ or further allowed to dictate on ANY level???
    Those in the ‘Georgia Bubble’ who enable & protect ‘their own’ are in continual motion to widen their grip. Stop it before it is so out of control it reaches a point of no return (very close now). They’re beyond so bold, egregious & blasphemous that they use a church pulpit to spew their wrongness – they actually believe their vile, false rhetoric!
    This isn’t about ‘politics’ – this is about these specific individuals (& their complicit ‘assistants’/lateral ‘authority’ or underlings as they see them) who viciously ABUSE VICTIMS of crimes including Elder Abuse & they lie & blatantly manipulate particularly when it is ‘ONE OF THEIR OWN’ who is, & had been for an extensively LONG time, GUILTY of horrific crimes …
    and these named KNEW it fully!!!
    These wrongly “appointed” people (& the ‘appointers’) build themselves up by false impressions & accolades – create ‘awards’ & ‘superior titles’ to falsely uplift themselves in the public view – However look ‘behind the scenes’ AND at their overt actions – Their TRUE characters are easily uncovered and are MORE than clear!!!
    There is an underbelly that is unfathomable.
    True justice & accountability we pray is imminent.

  2. I have strong six sense looking at his picture character wise I feel he will not suit citizens of Cobb County especially people of color. My thoughts my opinion better choose another. He not it!!!! Why so many white judges in cobb county suspect

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