Pedestrian struck by car and seriously injured in Powder Springs

Detail of Cobb County Police Department STEP Unit vehicle in article about fatal accident on I-75

According to a public information release from Officer Aaron Wilson  of the Cobb County Police Department, the department’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP Unit) is investigating an incident in which a pedestrian was seriously injured by a motor vehicle in Powder Springs.

The injury occurred at the intersection of Forest Hill and Buck roads within Powder Springs city limits  on Monday, November 27, 2023, at 12:42 p.m. 

Investigators report that a black 2016 Toyota Corolla, driven by an 18-year-old Powder Springs resident was heading south on Forest Hill Road, approaching Buck Road.

A 23-year-old pedestrian  was crossing Forest Hill Road and was struck by the driver of the Toyota.

The pedestrian was taken to Kennestone Wellstar hospital with serious injuries.  The driver of the Toyota was not injured.

The public information release states the pedestrian was “outside a marked crosswalk.”  The Courier checked the street at that location with Google Maps streetview, and there are no marked crosswalks along Flint Hill Road , which is a residential road flanked by ranch houses (see the section below for more information on crosswalks and Georgia law).

This incident remains under investigation, and anyone with information is requested to contact the Cobb County Police Department STEP Unit at 770-499-3987

Pedestrians and Georgia law

Also, under Georgia law intersections with no marked crosswalks are still considered crosswalks.  The requirement is that vehicles stop for pedestrians at those intersections.  If the pedestrian is not at the intersection they are still allowed to cross, but must not cross if the vehicles do not have time to react.

To read what the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has to say about Georgia’s code relating to pedestrian crossings, follow this link.

To read about how the Cobb County Courier approaches reports of injuries to pedestrians, follow this link.

The STEP Unit

In articles about fatal or serious injury accidents you’ll often see references to the Cobb County STEP Unit.

The STEP Unit, which investigates serious or fatal traffic crashes, is one of the Cobb County Police Department’s Special Operations units, and is described on the web page of the Cobb County Police Department as follows:

“The Selective Traffic Enforcement Unit is responsible for investigating all fatal traffic crashes, enforcement of traffic laws in those areas which analysis indicates an elevated amount of crashes. 

“They are also responsible for the administration and execution of the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program. 

“They also take part in special security details, and investigate crashes involving Department vehicles when requested.”

The unit is commanded by Lt. Lane Johnson.