Looking for free (or paid) parking for upcoming Marietta Square events? The city has an interactive map for you

A brick fountain in Glover Park on Marietta Square. benches surround a circular brick path and a photographer snaps a shot.

In October the City of Marietta announced a feature on its website that will help out if you plan to attend one of the many wonderful events held frequently in every season of the year on Marietta Square.

The feature is an interactive map that identifies both parking lots and decks and onstreet parking, colorcoding the parking spaces as free or paid.

The announcement posted on the City of Marietta’s website describes the utility as follows:

The City of Marietta is pleased to announce that it has made it easier to locate both free and paid parking lots on and around the Marietta Square.

The Marietta Square is a thriving entertainment, restaurant, retail, service, specialty, and office use destination for local and visiting patrons. Square parking options available to the public include 3,237 spaces – three decks with 1,520 spaces, 336 on-street spaces, and 1,381 spaces within 26 private lots. Since November 2018, 497 newly available parking spaces have been added to the downtown for public use.

This parking map information will benefit residents, visitors and business owners and make parking hassle-free. Please visit our website as you head to the Square to find the best parking spot for your visit.

Public transit options to Marietta Square

It is the policy of the Courier that when we report on an amenity for automobiles we also include one for people who get around the county by means other than cars. This assumes there is an equivalent for the particular location in our auto-centric county.

Marietta Square is served by two routes, the 15 and the 40. The CobbLinc website describes the routes relative to the Marietta Transfer Center, but to find out how to get to the square from other locations, refer to CobbLinc’s system map, or phone CobbLinc at (770) 427-4444. You can also email CobbLinc customer service at cobblinc_cs@cobbcounty.org

  • Take the Route 15 outbound to the stop at Roswell Street + Waddell Street (in front of Flournoy Park east of square)
  • Take the Route 40 outbound to the stop at Roswell Street + Waddell Street (in front of Flournoy Park east of square) or continue to the stop at Cherokee Street + Lawrence Street (in front of Cobb County Government building just north or square)