Cobb continues clean up after unexpected flooding

Welcome to Cobb County brick sign at Henderson Road on Veterans Memorial

Cobb PARKS is continuing to clean up in the aftermath of the storms and flooding that hit the county Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

The Marietta area was hard-hit, with homes flooded and deep pools of water forming after the reported six inches in rain fell on the area.

In a news release Wednesday the county reported, “Chairwoman Lisa Cupid spent the afternoon surveying damage caused by the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning storm event.”

The county also reported the following:

Cobb DOT dealt with more than two dozen flooded roadways overnight

  • Crews cleared eight streets closed by fallen trees
  • Cobb’s Gymnastics Center is closed due to flooding. Other parks sustained damage
  • Six Cobb government buildings had flood damage

The flooded roadways have been reopened, but the cleanup will take the rest of the week.

As of yesterday Cobb PARKS reported the following:

  • East Cobb Park is mostly reopened after damage caused by floodwaters. Some areas of the park may be closed off until long-term repairs are completed.
  • The Robinson Road Lacrosse Field remains closed due to flooding.
  • A sinkhole near the entrance to Fair Oaks Park has caused the main entrance to be closed.
  • The Gymnastics Center will remain closed due to severe damage caused by floodwaters. A reopening time has not yet been determined.

Latest word from the county

When asked today for an update, Cobb County Communications Director Ross Cavitt sent the Courier the following update via email:

The only thing new today is that PARKS will have a team out next week to evaluate the damage at the Gymnastics Center (542 Fairground St SE) which was damaged due to flooding.  They have cancelled all fall classes scheduled for this year.

There are some locations, most notably the East Cobb Park, that will require long term repairs but the park is open (just with some areas cordoned off). 

Roadway cleanup continues, but all roads are open.  That washout on East Lake Pkwy near some apartments that has made a lot of news is a private road and not under DOT control.