Barry Krebbs advises against turning cleanup day litter removal over to Cobb DOT

Barry Krebbs speaking at Cobb Board of Commissioners meetingBarry Krebbs (screenshot from Cobb Board of Commissioners video)

Barry Krebbs is well known in the Mableton and Austell area for leading the South Cobb Lions Club cleanup efforts, which have been very effective in keeping stretches of roadway in the area nearly litter-free.

He also represents District 4 for Keep Cobb Beautiful.

Krebbs spoke during the public comments at the Cobb Board of Commissioners meeting, and argued against a plan to put the Cobb DOT in charge of collecting the litter bag picked up during cleanup days.

“From October 1 2020 to September 30 2021, our Lions Club has removed 1,025 bags of litter from roadways,” he said. “District Four was rated as one of the cleanest districts in the latest litter index.”

“And I attribute the improved score to our adoptive miles cleanups that we have in our area,” Krebbs said. “Right now we have over 75 percent of the adoptive miles in the whole county, just in District Four.”

“I’m in touch with Keep Cobb Beautiful … several times a week, and they always do a tremendous job for us, and they’re quick to get our bags removed and respond to any questions or concerns,” he said.

“Now the reason I’m here is I understand that Cobb DOT is looking to take over the litter program from Keep Cobb Beautiful, and I’m here to say that I believe that would be a mistake,” Krebbs said.

“Early in my times with the litter cleanups, when we were first getting started, I was dealing directly with Cobb DOT,” he said. “While they’re all nice and pleasant to work with I’m pretty sure that … litter bag removal was the bottom of their priority list.”

“We didn’t get confirmation when our bags are going to be picked or really much communication at all …,” he said.

“As you know, Keep Cobb Beautiful has a fantastic executive director and wonderful staff who are all very talented,” he said. “Keep Cobb Beautiful offers a personal touch that always sends confirmations when they’re going to pick up the bags and and always also thank us for our services in the community.”

“I think that these touches are important in that … it lets the volunteers know that they’re appreciated and and Keep Cobb Beautiful has the flexibility to meet their needs,” Krebbs said.

“On the other hand, I’m very grateful for Cobb DOT and everything they do for our community,” he said. “But their priorities are going to be road construction, road maintenance, curbing mowing, tree maintenance and other important services.”

“But if the litter removal, litter cleanup is placed all upon Cobb DOT, I think it’ll be at the bottom of the list of things to get done.”