The Exchange closed due to a sinkhole

Road construction equipmentRoad construction equipment (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Exchange, a roadway near Windy Hill Road and Cobb Parkway, is closed due to a sinkhole that opened up during last month’s flooding.

Cobb County posted the following notice on social media:


The Exchange off Windy Hill will be closed as @CobbDOT and crews repair a damaged stormwater system that caused a sinkhole on the shoulder. The pipes were already near the end of their useful life, but last month’s floods exacerbated the situation.Watch to see what happened, when the road will reopen, and the status of all the damage reports from the flooding incident.Monitor the status of this road closure by visiting and under “Restrictions & Closures” select “The Exchange Closure.”

The notice above was posted on October 1, but a look at the Cobb Commute website indicates that the work is still going on this morning.

About the Cobb County Department of Transportation

The Cobb County DOT website describes the responsibilities of the department as follows:

The Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) develops, manages, and operates Cobb County’s transportation system. This system includes a vast network of roadways, sidewalks, and trails; a transit system that provides public transportation; and an airport that serves business and recreational flying needs.

The Director and Deputy Director oversee all functions of the Cobb DOT.

Cobb DOT consists of several divisions, including engineering, traffic operations, planning, airport, transit, and road maintenance. It also includes support services, which is a general designation for services that support Cobb DOT across all divisions.

The director of the department is Drew Raessler.