Residents give input on upcoming South Cobb Transit Center

People talking and looking at display easelsPhoto by Caleb Groves

by Caleb Groves

South Cobb residents voiced their opinions at the public workshop for the new South Cobb Transit Center held on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at Connection Pointe Church.

South Cobb residents roamed around the workshop, providing feedback about where they live, work and where they would like the transit center to be located. During the workshop, residents also had input into possible transit center amenities and the design style.

The South Cobb Transit Center workshop is part of phase two of the site selection study in the broader project for the CobbForward Transportation Plan for 2050, administered by the Cobb County Department of Transportation and CobbLinc.

In the 2050 transportation plan, on top of adding the South Cobb Transit Center, relocation for both the Marietta and Cumberland Transit Centers are being considered. The plans intend to improve the ridership and operational demands of the centers.

Approximately 30 residents showed up for the workshop, according to the Cobb DOT.

The South Cobb Transit Center is an important project to improve the dependability of transportation in the area and improve amenities for drivers and riders in the South Cobb area, Senior Transit Planner Scott Brown of Arcadis said.

“This is really kicking the public process off,” Brown said. “Letting people know what we’re doing, how we’re going through the process, and then getting some initial thoughts about where people would like to see this facility, what kind of amenities they would like to see, and even how they would like the facility to look.”

State Rep. Terry Cummings, D-Mableton, showed up to hear the opinions of the community as well as voice her own about the new transit center. Cummings believes locating it near Six Flags would be a great location.

“If you don’t increase the bus stops, specifically along Veterans Memorial Highway, where there are absolutely none and they should be covered, people have trouble getting to work,” Cummings said. “If you don’t have a car, you just can’t work at any of the stores, restaurants, or businesses nearby.”

“The major streets should all have bus service, and I think we’re probably the last area to get substantive bus service that’s going to help the residents.”

One location that the Cobb DOT is considering for the new center is Austell Road at the East-West Connector. Its location would give central access to the Cobb Wellstar hospital, jobs and other activities, Drew Raessler, Director of the Cobb DOT, said.

“We will never know the community better than the people whole live it every day,” Raessler said.

Mableton resident and Sierra Club Transit Liaison Tania Robinson thinks the new transit center is a good step in the right direction as a centralized hub for South Cobb. Robinson is adamant about having fewer cars on the street and opening up more bike lanes, and improving walkability.

For the big picture on this project …

For more information on how the transit centers fit into the larger plans for public transit in Cobb County, visit the CobbForward Comprehensive Transportation Plan resource website, the Cobb DOT transportation planning page, the CobbLinc page, and the Cobb DOT web page.

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